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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dress-Up Day

Today at school the kids are supposed to dress up as their favorite character from a book. The problem is that Athena reminded me of this last night at Grandma's house at about 8pm. We got home at about 10pm and here is what we came up with. Maybe the costumes would have been a bit better with more more planning time. Athena and Samantha were still pretty proud to wear this to school.
In case you can't tell, Athena is the Cat in the Hat and Samantha is a Star-bellied Sneetch. :)


Chinchia said...

They look very cute. I especially like the Sneetch. Probably because of the word sneetch!

Mama Cat said...

I'm pretty impressed! I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do as well with so little warning. I guess that's a skill that's developed as a mother...and mine's just still developing, since I don't have any kids in school yet. Oh, how I look forward to that last-minute stuff! NOT!

Jess Perry said...

Hey we are going private...go to my blog and make sure I have your email. Is it the one I already have?

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