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Monday, March 24, 2008

Zip Line

On Saturday we went to Mark and Erin's to see their beautifully remodeled house. It does look really nice and I'm happy for them that they were able to make a nice place for themselves. It's quite admirable because I'm not the type who would ever take on a project like that!

After taking the tour, they mentioned that they have a zip line set up in their backyard and would the kids like to try it. :) Of course NONE of our kids were lining up for the new experience, so we went out to watch them ride it. Then, after seeing what it could do we finally convinced Samantha to take a ride. She is the most daring of our bunch. Yet again - we didn't have our camera out for her, but Mark strapped her in and got her all ready for her ride. She was a little nervous at first, but once she got going she LOVED it! She looked so cute riding down the zip line so fast with her big giggling grin!

It took MUCH more convincing to get Athena and Nathan to get hooked up, but once they did, they loved it too. This is Athena getting ready for her 2nd turn. Her 1st turn wasn't so happy. She had a pout so big I could've stepped on her lower lip.

This is the zip line at its highest - which is pretty high when you are that little! That's Nathan up there, and Mark giving it some muscle.

Here is Nathan enjoying his ride. He is so little and cute!

It's nice to visit friends who have a little more adventure surrounding them than we do. We got a fun new experience. All we have at our house is barbies. Thanks Mark and Erin!

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