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Monday, March 17, 2008

Jeremy's Birthday

On Friday the 14th, Jeremy celebrated yet another birthday! He is now as old as me for 3 months - then I'll be older again.

For his birthday we took our kids to see the movie Horton Hears a Who. They all loved it! I thought it was a cute movie. I really LOVE Dr. Suess. Of course there was a lot of extra stuff in the movie to fill a full-length movie time, but for the most part they followed the book very well. I would recommend seeing that movie in the dollar movie theater or on video. :)

For his birthday, we gave Jeremy a new Jazz shirt, a basketball, a Jazz hat, and a bunch of treats to keep at his desk. he was very happy with his new attire.


Aprilyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremy! I'll have to rent that movie next year when it comes out. I don't bother going to movies with Marshall unless I'm delusional. He never sits still.
I forgot, are you older than me or younger? Did you throw him an "over the hill" party when he turned 30? I just wondered because someone I know did that for her husband and I was thinking that's kind of odd. If you do that when they are 30, what are you going to do when they are 40?? I never had time to think about turning 30 because I was in the hospital recovering from a C-Section and Marshall was in the NICU.

Jess Perry said...

Happy late birthday to Jeremy. I want to take Bryn to see that movie so bad. We need to get together. I am just trying to get on top of things. Life has been crazy.

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