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Monday, March 31, 2008

Things That Made Me Laugh

As you all know - Jeremy is king of winning things. Here is his latest win - a FREE Dr. Pepper. It makes me laugh because he gets it in 3-4 weeks! What a win. He entered in his code and they are sending him a certificate in the mail. WOO HOO!

Last week I was cleaning in the kitchen. When I got to the table to wash it off, I found this on the table. I had to really sit and ponder what it could be. Any ideas? When I realized what it was, I had a good laugh!

This one I just thought was cute. Nathan had just had a shower and we didn't want to get him dressed in his church clothes before he ate breakfast, so Jeremy fixed him up with one of my shirts and tied it in the back. Nathan was pleased as punch to wear his get-up to eat. :)


Mama Cat said...

We put our shirts on Catherine all the time when she's eating something messy and a bib just won't cut it. She loves it!

Aprilyn said...

Nice pictures. Is that popcorn on the table? Cute picture of Nathan!

bobatharoo said...

I'm just going to take a long shot guess at this photo of the disgusting things on the table. Are they peep eyes? I don't know where I would have come up with that. Am I inspired? :)

Lisa said...

They almost look like boogers to me. Do we get any hints? I like the picture of little Buddha Nathan. He's so cute! Also, I'm impressed with the character costumes. Very original and creative (especially since they were last minute).

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