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Monday, March 3, 2008

Faulty Fairy

I feel SO BAD!!! On December 21st we were at a Christmas party at a cousin's house when Athena lost a tooth. The party was an over-nighter, so we put the tooth in a baggie. We brought it with us when we came home the next day and put it in the windowsill. By the time night came, the tooth was forgotten. It continued to be forgotten in the windowsill for another 2 months or so.

I was down in Athena's room a couple of days ago with her when she pulled out the tooth in the baggie from under her pillow. I vaguely remember her taking it out of the windowsill a couple of weeks ago, but didn't think much of it. She sadly told me that she has been putting it under her pillow and the tooth fairy just hasn't taken it. WOW! That hurt like nothing else! Believe it or not, I felt soooooo bad, but by the time night came, I didn't even remember the tooth!

Well, tonight I remembered. I snuck down there and put a dollar in with the tooth and sat the baggie next to her alarm clock.

I can't believe that she has been so faithful about checking on her tooth each morning, only to be disappointed each morning, and I didn't even know! It makes me feel really sad. I hate to learn these kinds of things about my little kids - the cute, innocent things they do in silence that you discover by chance. I hope she is really happy in the morning when she finds that the fairy remembered, and she gets the bonus of getting to keep her tooth too. :)

That is one thing you just can't tell your kids. Kids just don't know that parents need to know when the tooth is being placed under their pillow and it IS NOT just between the kid and the fairy!


Megz said...

Poor Athena! Good thing that two month wait didn't shake her faith and that interest wasn't accrued. I always leave a little note along with the money and Ike is catching on that the fairy has handwriting similar to mine (I try hard to disguise it and make it kid-legible!) It'll be a sad day when all the mysteries are gone.

Mama Cat said...

I totally caught on to Santa when I noticed that his handwriting was just like my mom's--and I wasn't very old when that happened! It was a good lesson for when I have kids old enough to recognize writing.

big8smiley said...

I considered leaving a note last night, but didn't because I feared she would know my handwriting. It's such a bummer that they get old enough to figure it all out! I only have a couple more good years, if that. Then I'll have to be more responsible for my actions. :)

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