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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HUGE Sigh of Relief

Last October the operating system on my desktop computer crashed. This was an enormous stress to me because I lost all my programs and possibly thousands of my pictures. The programs I really needed the most were Homesite and Adobe Photoshop, and I didn't have backups.

We ended up buying a laptop and that's been my computer for the past several months. I have been so sick about the desktop that I really didn't even want to try to restore anything for fear of what I had lost.

Well, I finally got up the gumption to face the facts and order the CD I needed from Dell to restore my system. After a couple hours of work on the computer I got it up and running. I quickly started to search through my files to see what I could find. I did manage to find most of my pictures, but still couldn't find the bulk of them - thousands of our most recent pictures.

At least I found some pictures and I was content for a little while. I've kind of just decided to let that computer be for the kids because it still seemed like a lost cause.

A couple of days ago I went back to the computer to see what else I could figure out with it. After several searches and clicks I actually located ALL of the lost pictures!!!! EXCITING!! And miracle of all miracles . . . I got my Photoshop AND Homesite to work! Unbelievable! I was sure these were gone and unrecoverable. So, after several months of stressing about that darn computer, the stress is finally gone and I feel a great sense of relief. Now that I have my Photoshop back, Jeremy is itching for me to post my pictures from our latest trip to Mexico. I guess that's what you now have to look forward to. :)

1 comment:

Megz said...

That is a relief! Makes me want to make sure I have backups of everything.
Can't wait to see all your pix!

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