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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Community Service

Last Saturday we spent the morning raking leaves for the Disney "Give a Day, Get a Day". They sponsored a big community service event and if you give a day of service, you get a pass to Disneyland. I know - not "real" service because you get something out of it, but we still had fun!

Jeremy and I didn't tell the kids that it was for Disneyland. Last Monday we had a family home evening lesson on service and talked about helping others and helping in your community. Then we told them that we would be coming up to rake leaves to help out in our community. I'm glad we didn't let on to the real reason we were up there because it made the project a whole lot more enjoyable.
Jeremy's parents also came up and helped out with us. We ended up cleaning in the park for a little more than 2 hours. All the kids seemed to have fun and they all managed to find jobs to do that helped out. This was a good experience for our family.

Pause my music at the bottom of my blog before watching. :)

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