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Friday, April 9, 2010

Go Get 'Em!!!

YIPES!!!! Robert, you SCARED me! LOL!

Pshwew, now that I got over that, let's get on with this post. The week before Easter, my ward choir performed our Easter program. The choir director asked me to invite my sisters to sing with me in sacrament meeting, so we decided to make a party of it. :) We sang in church, then came to my house afterwards for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I didn't get pictures of the singing (of course), or the dinner . . . but here is the great fun we had finding eggs.

This is the beginning. I love the excitement of all the little kids pouring out the door.

I had a lot of fun watching the kids get all excited about finding their eggs. Most of the kids are old enough now that they get the idea of what is to be found. It didn't take as much coaching this year.

Here is Nathan on the hunt.

I had to include this picture. This is the inside of Nathan's bag. I think he picked certain colored eggs on purpose. I saw him look at several "girlie" eggs and just keep on running! He is so into picking everything BOY lately. Who cares if it has candy in it, if it's girlie - I DON'T WANT IT!

Alex found most of her eggs on her own. :)

Our tradition is that we let all the little kids go hunting for eggs first, then unleash the older kids to make a clean sweep. Christopher and Samantha have just been let loose and are racing to the back yard.

Athena is usually less aggresive with these types of things, but she managed to find her fair share as well.

Looks like she is shocked to see eggs in her bag! Funny.

Amanda found her fair share of eggs and was kind enough to keep throwing out a few eggs to the other kids.

Here's a happy kid!

More happy kids!

Benjamin, where is your bag? Hang onto those eggs!

After all the eggs were found, all the kids carried their little stash of eggs around the yard while they played, which left the adults free to visit. It seems like everyone had a great afternoon and I'm happy my family was able to come together this year. HAPPY EASTER!!!


Matt and Cristina said...

Fun! I can't wait until Hannah is old enough for Easter Egg hunts. You and your sisters did a wonderful job singing. Glad you could make a party of it.

Shnopa said...

Robert didn't scare me so much as that big hairy arm reaching into the bag of orange eggs. WHEW!!!

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