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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Fear Realized

This past week the weather has been really nice and we have been able to spend more time outside. With that comes a whole new world of fears. This adorable little girl whom I love very much has decided that she is petrified of ANTS! This is a tough one because ants are EVERYWHERE. Even in our house. I probably shouldn't laugh about it, but it's so funny to watch her. It started so innocently . . . she saw one of those massive ant piles on the sidewalk at our neighbors house. We stopped and watched the ants for quite awhile. Then I sent Nathan home to get a piece of dog food that we could feed the ants. He hurried home on his scooter and came back with a big doggie treat.

We took turns breaking the treat into little tiny pieces and watching the ants dismantle the food and carry it away. Alex was utterly fascinated by the ants.

A few days later an ant pile popped up in front of our house. She looked at them for a little bit, but then was scared they would get on her feet so she moved away. Then, this week the weather was nice so we walked to the school to pick up Athena and Samantha. On the way home there were a few ants on the sidewalk. She absolutely refused to walk on the sidewalk. I told her to just walk around them, but she wouldn't even cross their path. She stood in the grass and just bawled until I came and got her. The second I put my arms out to pick her up she boinged onto my hip and lifted her legs as high as they would go.

Oh it hasn't stopped there. A couple of days ago she saw one ant on our kitchen floor. She went and got Max's doggie sweater, stood on it, and shuffled her way across the kitchen AROUND where she saw the ant to make sure it didn't get on her. She also was complaining that there were ants in her bed and on her legs. I checked her bed thoroughly for her and showed her that there are NO ANTS.

I have a fear of spiders, but come on, that's a REAL fear. :) They have 8 legs and build webs and stuff. Yes, I know her fear is real too, but how do you avoid ants? Maybe I need to invest in an ant farm and let her immerse herself in the fascinating world of ants. I think that if this continues, I'm in for a very interesting summer.

Off the topic - I had to include this cute picture of her when she fell asleep beside Max in the sunspot, with his toy in her hand.


Megz said...

Don't let Ethan near her. He can describe in great detail some imaginary facts on deadly red ants that might justify her fears.
You may just have to invest in a bubble for Alex this summer!
(sidenote: I can't wait for people to ask me where I got my hamstrings!)

Amy Jo Madsen said...

OK, first of all, that picture is ADORABLE! Seriously, you should put it in a photo contest or something. Secondly, I feel for ya. For a while, we had the opposite problem with ants--Catherine was so fascinated with them that she would watch them forever, and play with them, and try to bring them in the house as pets. Every time we walked anywhere outside and I'd notice an anthill or big line of ants, I'd have to call her attention to something else in the other direction just so we wouldn't be stuck there all day. Now she's leaning toward Alexandra's side of things. I'm not sure which is better. Hope you survive the summer!

big8smiley said...

I didn't know I ran with a pack of ant-lovers! LOL Megan, it would probably be a good idea to get them together. Maybe you have some good movies on them too? I was wondering too . . . how many people have approached you so far about your hamstrings? My count for today is 6. (so what if I have imaginary friends)

Melanee said...

That is just too cute. Both the picture and the story. Should be an interesting summer after all!

Shnopa said...

But Renee', you DO have imaginary friends. Remember Maria - LOL!!! Sisters never forget and they have plenty of dirt on each other.

I also love the picture of Alex sleeping with Max - adorable. We also have a big sun window we like to lay in like cats to get warm.

I think Alex will grow out of it quickly. My kids like to dig up worms and carry them around. They say, "Want to hold my worm, mom?" I say, "Nope, you can play with him." Then I secretly cringe. SICK!!!

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