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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Other Baby is REALLY Growing Up

Athena is definitely hitting her "tween" years. Can you guess what she is into now?
Lately she has this idea that the mall, or just shopping in general, is the greatest thing ever. She put together a shopping trip with her Grandma and came home with all kinds of things. The greatest finds? New Moon T-shirt, New Moon book bag, and New Moon soundtrack. She definitely is developing her own tastes and the shopping trip was a huge hit. I'm happy that she was able to go with her grandma and they had a great time together. It's just fun to see her having all these "older" interests and being less interested in the little kid things she used to love. It's an interesting transition.

Jeremy and I keep having the problem of Athena not getting to bed when she should. She goes to bed at about 8:30pm when all the other kids do, but ends up coming up several times for this or that. We end up getting mad at her because it will sometimes be 10 or 11:00 before she FINALLY gets in her bed.

Yesterday I found this list of things to do in one of our notebooks. The poor girl! It's no wonder she gets to bed so late. She has a LOT to do!! I think maybe I need to cut her some slack and maybe praise her for being so organized! I think the note is so cute. :)

In case you can't read it, here is what it says:

Get before bed
music player (round chair)
art box (round chair)
Ipod in pants (before game)
earings out and checked in duck bathroom
leg band
all CD's by computer
max hug and kiss
mom dad hug kiss (cheek) mom lips
game with Samantha *bonus
That's just AWESOME! Who knew she had so much going on?


Megz said...

I love the list! And did she bring her mom a Twilight shirt as well? I know you'll be wearing Athena's when she's at school....

Amy Jo Madsen said...

That IS awesome! And I have to say, I find it hilarious that she differentiated mom's and dad's kisses on her list. Too funny! Way cute, though.

big8smiley said...

I thought if I was real sneaky, no one would notice me wearing the shirt while I vacuum, and maybe I'd also sneak in a little treat too - while I had it on. Then hurry and put it back in her closet before 3pm.

Shnopa said...

I love how she separates out who gets a kiss on the cheek and who gets a kiss on the lips. That's hilarious. She is definitely growing up and growing out of the 'baby' things. It does throw you a bit when that happens. She is a sweet and beautiful girl.

dena4kids said...

she is better organized than I am! I need to make me a list! Love the Twilight goodies=)

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