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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doing Better Now

I have to include these pictures of Nathan because they are so cute! He likes to play DS and when he plays in the afternoon, Max comes and just settles in next to him and they enjoy being together. Every once in awhile Nathan will reach over and pat Max's head and ask him how he is doing. Or I'll just hear him say, "I love you, Max."

Nathan has his fair share of buggy moments too, but I honestly don't know what I would do without this little boy. He is full of charm. :)

Last night we had a scare because Nathan developed a cough, lost his voice, and then developed croup within a couple of hours. I don't really remember dealing with croup with any of our kids and I have to say it is really scary! I thought maybe Nathan had allergies, so I gave him a little antihistamine/cough syrup and sent him to bed. He woke up a couple of hours in a panic because he couldn't breathe. That was pretty much the start of our VERY long night.

Jeremy took him outside for awhile and let him breathe in the cold air and it helped for a bit. Then I spent 2 sessions during the night with him in the bathroom with a hot shower running to make a steam room. We put a cold, wet rag on his throat and I also rubbed VapoRub on his chest. All of that seemed to help a little. He ended up sleeping with us in our bed because I was so worried about him not being able to breathe. Several times during the night I lay there just listening to him struggle for air and then sitting him up really quick to help him breathe better. I thought to myself, I just CAN'T IMAGINE if I lost him. I don't know how parents make it through something like that.

We didn't have a humidifier, so Jeremy ran down to Walmart and got one. We then put that in our room with us too. I don't know if it helped or not.

Somehow we made it through the night. I don't know if either Jeremy or I got even as much as 2 hours of sleep. Then today I took him to the doctor. The doc gave Nathan a steroid and it has really seemed to help. So, thankfully he is doing much better now and is in his bed sleeping. Here's hoping for a better night. I'm so grateful to have him in our family and for all the joy he brings to me.


Here at home said...

Glad to know he's okay. I haven't had to deal with that, yet, and hope I don't have to. Makes for a hard night. I hope you get some rest today.

The Allreds said...

what a scary situation...I'm glad you got him some help! yes, every day is a gift...we must treasure each moment!

Melanee said...

Renee- if that ever happens again, give me a call. I have dealt with that for years. I have the humidifier and a bunch of tricks. You can call me on my cell ANYTIME!! My biggest hint, have him sip ice water (it will calm and relax his throat). And invest in the johnson's vapor bath (for the steamy times in the bathroom) it really helps open them up.

Do you need anything today?

big8smiley said...

I like the ice water idea. We worked really hard at keeping him calm. I thought the Vick's VapoRub worked well, plus the steam room. He seems to be recovering well, but Jeremy and I are still trying to catch up on sleep.

Megz said...

Been there. Totally scary, I know. Glad he's doing better!

dena4kids said...

So scary! I hope he gets better! (and that you can get some sleep.=)

Cynthia said...

A sick kid in the night is the worst! That croup cough is so scary to listen to. Matthew had that a little while back and I was doing the same routine as you. It's a desperate feeling when you can't make it stop for them. I'm very glad he's doing better.

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