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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

I've always been a little sour towards Mother's Day. I don't think I can pinpoint it to just one reason. I think Mother's Day is frustrating because I hate that I'm not a perfect mother and that I mess up with my kids. I yell at them sometimes and we have a lot of bad mornings when the kids don't listen, etc. I think it's a little silly to set aside one particular day to "celebrate" mothers when all of the other days of the year mothers seem to be generally unappreciated, disobeyed, given dirty looks, and on and on and on. All the work we do for people who really don't seem to care. I think that if mothers are to be celebrated, they should be appreciated every day, not just one day out of the year.

That said, I also feel guilty because I need to allow my children to celebrate their mother. I appreciate my own mom and Jeremy's mom for all that they do. I need to let my kids have the opportunity of celebrating the person who gave them life. I tried extra hard (which is a stretch for me) to enjoy this Mother's Day and to let my family feel like they celebrated their mom.

Jeremy really is a great husband and he spoils me too much, I fear. Being an imperfect mom, I really don't deserve it, but he insists on celebrating me anyway. He helped immensely to make it a good day!

On Saturday he took me shopping and we got a food processor for me. I have been wanting one to make my kitchen work easier. I had to laugh about it because why is it that women always get gifts that encourage more work? He also wanted me to get a new dress, so after we picked my kitchen gadget, we headed over to JCPenney to find a dress for me.

When we got there, we discovered that all the dresses were 50% off! Great news. :) So, um . . . . . I ended up getting 3 dressed! I had a coupon too, so the last one was really 75% off and we ended up paying what he had budgeted for 1 dress. I was only going to get 2, but was having such a hard time deciding and he told the lady at the counter that he was getting me all 3 of them. I thought that was really nice!

Yesterday before church he surprised me with the corsage pictured above. I usually don't care about wearing a flower, but what a nice gesture! The kids loved that I was wearing the flower and Alexandra was even careful when I had her on my lap not to smash "the flower".

Athena and Samantha gave me some special little things they made at school. Actually, Athena's is still in the works. She didn't finish it yet, so I'll probably get the rest of it today. She did give me a really nice note. Samantha made a 2 cute little books for me and a coupon flower basket. She told me it ONLY took her 2 days to make them! Kids are wonderful!! They have an amazing amount of patience and I know they made these things out of love. It melts my heart to know they were sitting there in school, thinking of their mom at their desk as they did their very best work to make me happy.
After church I wanted a low-key day instead of a day running around visiting everyone. I had a relaxing afternoon. I played a game with Athena and Samantha while the 2 little kids took a nap. The whole time I was playing games with them do you know what Jeremy was doing? He was working hard in the kitchen making dinner and dessert so I didn't have to do a single thing! We had a barbecue with tasty burgers, chips, and corn on the cob. After playing with the girls, I even went and laid down on the couch and attempted to take a nap. LOL! I say attempted because I never actually fell asleep. I couldn't because Max kept jumping on my head with his toy, wanting me to throw it. Then Alex brought a stack of books and sat on my hips and kept asking and asking me to read to her. Then Athena came in "just to say hi". After about 40 minutes I just got up and had to appreciate that I at least got to lay.

We ate dinner and walked to the park after. It's so nice because all of our kids are finally old enough to play a game together. We were the only ones at the park and we played monster. One person is it and they have to tag the people on the playset. If you get tagged, you are the monster. Even Alexandra got into that game and ran around the playground growling when it was her turn.
We came home and ate strawberry shortcake - made by Jeremy, with love.

Oh, this video is of the kids when we got home from the park. They were all being so cute. :) And yes, it WAS a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.


Matt and Cristina said...

Your kids are so cute and good--there's no way you're a bad mom!! No one's perfect. I'm glad you had a good day. And congrats on the dress finds. I love bargains like that!

Melanee said...

Sounds like a good day. You and I so need to chat about feeling like a "not-so-good" Mom. Reflect the good and work on the bad!! I keep telling myself.

And you looked cute in your dress yesterday, I was going to ask if it was new.

Megz said...

How can you not love holidays where people are forced to give gifts to you and say nice things about you? Sure, it'd be nice if it came spontaneously, but since it usually doesn't bring on the obligation gifts! You can tell what I'm all about. And that's not even me scoring three new dresses!

Cynthia said...

What a fun day! I'm glad you were able to pull out of your slump. I take the opposite view. I get to Mother's Day and say, "Appreciate me, dang it!" Then I sit there all day and do nothing. I take the day off!

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