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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Garden is Planted!

We finally got our garden in last weekend. It's so nice to have it all done and growing for the season! This year we planted tomatoes, canteloupe, banana squash, green peppers, onions, and one jalapeno pepper plant. We have grown everything but the canteloupe before, so I guess that's our experiment for this year. I wish we had peas, but we needed to plant those earlier. This is our finished product.

Last year I grew herbs in my windowsill and I just ran out of room in my tiny little planters, so this year I'm giving it a shot in a bigger, outdoor pot. I'm excited to see how they turn out and if I am able to grow enough to actually use. I bought these plants and also put seeds in of the same plants. I am growing oregano, thyme, and basil. I hope to be able to expand my fresh herb garden in the future.

I took these pictures as our project was kind of winding down. The kids all helped with planting the plants and giving them their first watering. Athena and Samantha put the plants in the ground and got them ready for water. Nathan was in charge of the hose and filling up the girl's watering pitchers so they could go and water each plant.

Another new addition to our garden - raspberry bushes! I've been wanting raspberry bushes for several years and we finally put them in. Jeremy did all the work here and he made a really nice little area for our new bushes to grow.

Here is Athena. She wanted me to take her picture while we watched Jeremy work. She was actually a big help this year. It's nice to have kids get older and more able!

Nathan is watering his worm. While I was digging a spot for the raspberry bushes, a worm came out of the dirt I moved. I called Nathan over and he instantly bonded with his little friend. He spent some time taking care of his worm, giving it water, and talking to it. I didn't realize he liked worms so much. I had fun watching him. :)

Here is a closer look at his friend. When we were done with the garden he very kindly made a spot of dirt for the worm to crawl into and sat it down gently. Then he got some water in a cup and poured the water over the worm to soften the dirt enough for the worm to crawl in. Then we watched his friend disappear.

This is a little clip I took of Nathan when he had his worm. Pause my music at the bottom of my blog to hear him talking. :)


Here at home said...

Looks great. I keep saying I want a garden, but I'm still trying to figure out where to put one.
Way to go. I love fresh garden food.

Beth said...

Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on

The Allreds said...

beautiful garden...lucky you! I miss my UT garden! the best part is coming...anxious to see those photos of your harvest : )

ebed_adonai said...


My, my. What a residence you got here..

I have always dreamed of having a house near hillside or mountain..

Nice reading your blog..


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