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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Starting Summer with a Trip

As soon as the girls finished school on Thursday, we piled into the family van and began our summer trip. Like always, the kids were in the car and ready to go before Jeremy and I were even finished packing up! We had to keep telling them, "Get out of the car. We are going to be in it for several hours!"

This was one of many bathroom breaks on the way down. I found it a little amusing that they advertise the free restrooms. Thank goodness, because they were the ONLY restrooms around for miles. :)

We made it to our resort in St. George in about 3 1/2 - 4 hours. Not bad! That's about enough time for me to fix everyone a peanut butter sandwich, have them eat an apple, put in and watch a movie, take a few potty breaks, and start to hear the kids ask how much longer. Then we arrived.

This is our first look of where we stayed. The living room and dining room.

This is the view from the living room. I loved that our room overlooked the pool because the kids spent quite a bit of time out there watching other people swim. It got them out of the house and kept them from fighting.

This is the room Nathan and Alexandra slept in. They did really well as room partners! Alex sleeps with her little stuffed animal named Violet. She sings them to sleep. That seemed to help Nathan as well. :)

Oops! Forgot. This is the other side of the family room.

Here is the master bedroom. This unit had 2 bedrooms and a murphy bed that comes out of the wall in the living room. Athena and Samantha slept out there on that bed. I really liked that this condo had huge walk-in closets for each room. We were able to fit all our luggage and other junk in there so the rest of the place stayed clean. This has been my favorite place we have stayed and I'm sure we'll visit again.

Our room also had a sliding door out to the balcony. Again, super convenient! I could watch the kids to see what they were doing from inside my room, and tell Alex to get off the railing when she didn't think I was watching.

Bathroom #1 - for the kids.

Bathroom #2 - for the parents.

Last of all, the kitchen. :) When we first got there, I started making dinner. Pasta roni and garlic bread! It is so nice to be able to sit down at a table and eat homemade food away from home. We had enough time that first night to unpack, eat dinner, and make a quick trip to the pool. I think the swimming was the highlight of the kid's day! My highlight was to get out of the car and explore my accommodations.


The Allreds said...

looks like a fabulous place! tripping over suitcases in a motel room is a pain, so walk in closets are a great idea! enjoy the rest of your summer!

Megz said...

Looks like a great home away from home.
Way to not let any grass grow beneath your feet before starting a fun summer trip!

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