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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Wedding in the Family

Well, Athena and Samantha were at it again - this time with better props! They love to play wedding, and with two such willing candidates it becomes a perfect afternoon past time. :)

Yesterday afternoon Athena and Samantha dressed up Nathan and Alexandra for their wedding game. Athena was in charge of getting Nathan ready and Samantha worked on Alex. It was so cute because after Athena got Nathan ready as the groom, he just walked around the house in his suit patiently waiting for his bride and trying to keep his clothes nice.

Samantha was in the bathroom with Alexandra for about 20 minutes working on her! They were so quiet that I didn't even know they were in there until Athena came to tell me that Samantha kept spraying stuff on Alexandra's hair. Come to find out, she was doing hair and makeup and sprayed so much hair spray that Alex practically had a helmet head. At least her "do" didn't budge.

I let Athena and Samantha use the camera and my flip video camera to capture the wedding. This is what they came up with.

Here is Nathan's groom shot. What a handsome boy!

Next comes the bridal photos. I'll include just a couple. Samantha took great care with posing the bride.

Of course we have to have a romantic pre-wedding shot. (keeping in mind that Athena and Samantha are setting all these up and making sure they look JUST RIGHT)

Another picture of the bride. Isn't she lovely? Seriously, we should be running our own business by now!

Now we take it to the side of the yard for the proceedings.

Samantha helped them take their vows while Athena shot a video.

Getting ready to seal the deal.

Making it final.

If you would like to see it all in action, pause the music at the bottom of the blog and watch this little video. It also includes a little post-wedding action.

When I was uploading this video I showed it to the kids and they were laughing so hard! I guess this was a keeper. Funny kids! I guess the best part about this is that they used their creativity, they worked together, and I got a couple of hours of not-fighting kids! Um . . . until the very end, but STILL!


Matt and Cristina said...

That is GREAT! You will have to keep that video as one of your cherished family heirlooms. Nathan will especially love it when he's older. :)

Megz said...

That is freakin' hilarious. Never in a million years could you get any of my kids to do that--shows what happens when you've got two older sisters running the show....
Not to mention that none of my boys would voluntarily put on church clothes for anything!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

OK, seriously...I was going to say "That is stinkin' hilarious!" but Megz' comment kinda ruined that. You need to show that at a couple of wedding receptions in about 20 years! Such great blackmail footage!

Shnopa said...

Preston kept saying, "Again." We watched the video three times. He saw Nathan spinning at the start of the video and said, "He's like a royal princess."

I personally think Alex is like a royal princess, freaking out and running away. That was funny!!

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