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Sunday, June 6, 2010

HOORAY for summer!

I am SO happy that summer has arrived! I'm happy to have the kids home with me. :)

Now that it is here we have become so busy that I'm not sure we'll even know it's summer! The great news is that Samantha and Athena both made the swim team. Also, Athena auditioned for and made it into the concert choir. I'm proud of both the girls, but that all translates into MORE busy.

It turns out that for the month of June we have swim team every morning. Nathan and Alexandra will have swimming lessons for 2 weeks this month. Athena will have 2 weeks of extra rehearsals for choir. Nathan still has gymnastics during June, plus his year-end review. I'm in charge of teaching sharing time in Primary every Sunday this month. I'm in charge of the Primary Activity Day this month. I'm also in charge of organizing and getting all of the 8-11 year olds in our ward to day camp. Oh yeah, and my family reunion is this month too . . . guess who is in charge? ME! LOL!!! Just keep piling it on!! (oh, and I also had to write up this month's message for the ward newsletter and give a presentation on beans, but that's done now so I'll stop whining about it.)

So, I signed the kids up for the summer reading program and now I get to take them to get new books at the library each week. That means I'll also get to try to squeeze in 1/2 hour of reading to Nathan and Alex each day so they can win some cool little prizes. The kinds of prizes that I LOVE to kick around the house. :)

Oh yeah, and with the swim team comes 7 swim meets that I am supposed to attend in support of Athena and Samantha during June and July.

Yes, I am so happy summer is here! I just didn't expect it to fill up quite so fast. This is still my favorite time of the year. We have the wonderful breeze that comes in each night from the canyon and it fills our neighborhood with the smell of pine trees. Aaaaaah.

One thing that I thought was so nice - we had to buy the girls new swimsuits for the team. We went shopping in search of the right suits and were having a hard time finding something within the $15 price range for them. I know I'm cheap, but I have to buy them new suits, swim caps, and goggles! So, we were on the hunt for suits. We went to several different stores and just weren't finding anything. Finally we went into this sports store and found the girls some suits that fit just right. The bummer was that they were $24.99 each. I realized I was just going to have to choke it down and pay $50. When we got to the checkout, I asked the checker if there were any sales going on with those suits. He said that they were on sale last week (go figure) and we just missed it. I remarked, "That's a bummer! Too bad we missed it!" He said that since the sale had just ended, he would go ahead and give us that sale price!!! The sale price was $14.99 each! Wow!! So, it never hurts to ask. That was really nice of him. :)

I still have lots of trip pictures to post from our Zion's trip. So, when I get myself put together I'll get those up. We got a lot of really cute pictures of the kids and had tons of fun.


Megz said...

I'm hearing you on the summer 'break' part. If I can make it through this month I'll be happy.
Great tip on the swimsuits deal. Probably helps to get a nice cashier too!

Matt and Cristina said...

WOW!! I don't know how you do it all! Good luck. Summer is my favorite time of year too. (The bean presentation was great by the way).

The Allreds said...

YOUCH...that doesn't sound very relaxing! Hope you all can find JOY in the JOURNEY!

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