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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Her Birthday Celebration

On Alexandra's birthday morning, Athena gave her a cute gift. It was a bag with a bunch of dress-ups in it and a note that said Alex gets to be "princess for a day".

I also included this little rainbow shirt in Athena's gift bag. Here is Alexandra showing how old she is. She is SO PROUD to be 3!

For her birthday dinner, Alex really wanted to have pizza. We were gone most of the day on her birthday because we drove up to dad's work for lunch and stopped to get her some birthday shoes for the summer. I ended up getting her pizza at Papa Murphy's and she was happy as can be.

I spent the next afternoon working on her birthday cake. She wanted a barbie birthday cake. It took me about 2 hours to decorate the whole thing with kids hovering over the cake watching the process. They wanted SO BADLY to partake of the many little different bowls of colored frosting. I told them all they had to wait until the end to make sure I had enough to finishe the cake. Of course there was some left over, so what did we do with it? More decorating!

This is the finished product. TA DA!

In the evening, Grandmas and Grandpas came over to watch her open presents and enjoy some cake and ice cream. Alexandra was so funny to watch! She certainly knows how to cheese it up for the camera. After every single gift, she would hold it up for all to see and pose for the camera. Basically I have a whole lot of pictures of her smiling really big and there is just a new gift in her hands. She is so cute! Here are just a few of those pictures.

Barbie scooter from Grandma

Princess dishes

Pretty dress that Dad picked out for her

Little people castle that she can't quite see over

Here she is before we sang Happy Birthday to her and cut into the cake.

I'm happy to have Alexandra in my family. She brings a lot of joy into our household! I'm especially glad she had a great birthday. :)

Here are a few videos of her in action - opening gifts. Also, Samantha reading her birthday card to her.

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Megz said...

Great cake. Love how camera ready she is.

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