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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Baby is Growing Up

Alexandra is amazing me with how much more grown up she seems all of a sudden. She is 2 years old but acts like she is 4 or 5. Her latest thing to conquer is building things (with blocks and legos) and doing puzzles. I usually help her do the puzzles, but yesterday she actually mastered this puzzle and did it several times all by herself!

I think it' so cute to watch her concentrating so hard and finding all the right pieces. It also keeps her quiet for a good amount of time. :)

Notice the recommended age for this puzzle? 5+  

I hope I can keep up with her smarts as she goes along. For now I'm having a good time just watching her and her interest in pushing herself further to learn more. Kids sure are fascinating!


Matt and Cristina said...

We've been in the ward about 2 1/2 years now. I remember her being a tiny baby when we moved in... you're right, they sure grow up fast! I struggle with doing puzzles like that, so I'm impressed she can!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

Whoa!! 63 pieces is a lot for such a little girl! She must have a natural knack for puzzles. My kiddo...not so much.

Shnopa said...

I bet you got that puzzle at the Dollar Store. I love getting puzzles there. My kids, especially Paige, love doing puzzles. And Alex is quite young for such a big puzzle. What an accomplishment!!

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