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Monday, March 15, 2010

Jeremy is Old ... Like Me!

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday and he is now the same age as me! I wonder if he will ever pass me up.

Having a Sunday birthday isn't the greatest thing in the world, but at least he got to celebrate his birthday all weekend. On Saturday, the kids and I took Jeremy shopping. He needed some new shirts, so we spent some time in the mall finding him just the right things. After that we loaded in the car to go eat his birthday dinner. He couldn't decide where to go and we just sat in the car for the longest time. Finally he started driving. He drove to the place he thought he wanted to eat, we sat in the car for awhile again, then he changed his mind and we ended up driving for another 1/2 hour to go get dinner! We ended up at one of our favorite asian restaurants and took the kids in. All of us were starving by that point and we devoured our meal. Everyone was satisfied and we decided to try out our good fortune by opening our fortune cookies.

Jeremy opened his fortune cookie, read the fortune, started laughing, then crumpled the fortune and threw it. He refused to tell me what his fortune said. Finally after much coaxing, he found the little paper and read it to me. It said, "You shouldn't overspend at the moment. Frugality is important."

Oh good one! And we just spent the day shopping for him and then eating out!!! So much for that. Looks like we just shot ourselves in the foot. I then opened my cookie and pulled out the fortune. It said the exact same thing!!! (Jeremy's is the ripped one, in the picture.)

After I read my fortune, Jeremy called over the waiter and told him that we had a problem and that we probably needed a refund. He then showed the waiter our fortunes. The waiter just laughed and told us - at least we got a fortune in our cookie! So, I guess we'll be watching ourselves from now on.

All in all, Jeremy had a great birthday. Athena and Samantha showered him with love notes and we also gave him a beloved BYU tie that he wore to church.

I love Jeremy and I'm lucky to have him for my husband. He works hard for his family and does his best to do what's right. He is my best friend. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY!


Megz said...

Yikes. That is a bad sign when you get the exact same fortune! Or maybe it just means the restaurant needs to shuffle their supply up a little bit!
Happy Birthday to Jeremy---the older one gets to be the wiser one though, right?

I'm Erin said...

wow...that's serious fate telling you something there when you have the same fortune.

Happy birthday Jeremy!!!

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