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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Dream - It Made Me Laugh

Last night, for some odd reason I had this dream:

Jeremy and I were on a trip to Mexico with a big group of people we knew. I was laying in bed pondering what to do for the day and wondering what everyone else had planned. I got up and went outside in my red fleece pajamas with feet. I saw all the members of my group standing around whispering about their plans. Then they went into the building across the street. I panicked because I thought they were making plans without me.

I ran down the stairs and across the street. Just as I got over there, all my friends were marching out of the building in storm trooper costumes. Seeing that I had indeed been left out, I began frantically trying to figure out how I could get a storm trooper costume of my own. I was told that there were no more storm trooper costumes.

Then I saw more people coming out with different Star Wars costumes on. I raced inside to claim one for me. The people in the building laughed and said I couldn't wear a costume with my red fleece feet pajamas underneath. Frustrated, and in a hurry, I left and ran back to my hotel room to change.

I had to shuffle through my suitcase until I found some shorts and a shirt that matched. I got those clothes on and ran back across the street just in time to see all the storm troopers marching away, leaving me behind. I ran back into the building with the costumes, and all they had was this stupid hat that was decorated like a monster. I put it on over my head and ran out the door to catch up with the storm troopers. The end.

Any idea what that was all about? I don't even watch Star Wars! It makes me laugh. The other day on Dr. Phil there was this guy who was obsessed with Star Wars. He had a storm trooper costume in the basement that he wanted to fit into. Other than seeing that, I wouldn't even have known that's what they were called. LOL!

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