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Friday, February 22, 2008

When Will This Ever End???

I know that our problems could be worse - but right now my head is so clouded by this stupid flu that I can't see anything straight. I think I'm close to being done with it, but it's been hanging on for 2 weeks now!

Alexandra and Nathan have been keeping me quite busy at home lately. Nathan has decided it's funny to keep spitting at everyone and to hit and call names. His favorite name to call is "Byoohead". Whatever. It's still buggy.

Alexandra has learned that there is stuff inside of things. This is not my favorite stage of "baby". Although it's so cute to see her curiousity, she just DOESN'T STOP and I don't have the energy this week to keep up with it. She likes to open doors and pull out the contents of whatever she has opened. The other day she went and pulled off all the magnets from the fridge. As I was cleaning that up, she opened the pantry and got into the curling ribbon and had that pulled all over the place. I got her out of that and cleaned it up, only to find her standing up to the toy basket and emptying the contents onto the floor. It is endless! OK, so I'm grateful that she is happy and healthy. Just a lot of work. :)

I'm still holding out for Spring and just trying to count these drab winter days away until I can take the kids outside for a change. I'm looking forward to having Nathan run and run and run. I can't wait until the kids entertain themselves outside for hours by catching moths and playing with potato bugs. That's nice.

So that's what I've been up to. A clouded head and busy, super busy, messy kids. It can only get better from here. Not a real exciting post, just me, venting.

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Aprilyn said...

Sorry you got the flu. I am really sick too. I have bronchitis but I think it might actually be the flu. Nathan had bronchitis but we found out it was the flu. Brian is coming down with it now too and Marshall, who has been healthy up to this point, is starting to feel warm. OH NO!!!!

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