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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ice Skating

Monday was President's Day, which means everyone had the day off. WOO HOO! It was also Amanda's birthday. She chose to go ice skating, so we all went to join her at Seven Peaks to go ice skating too. We figured it would be too hard to have Nathan skate, so Jeremy opted to not skate as well and watch Nathan and Alexandra.

Athena and Samantha were pretty nervous about skating, but I told them that they were here to learn, so that's what they were going to do. This is before they first got on the ice.

Once we got out on the ice, both girls did just fine. I told them it wasn't an option for them to hang onto the wall - that they were going to get out on the ice and try it. I had them stand up on their skates and find their balance. Then I let go and went in front of them. I told them to come to me. As they got closer to me, I skated backwards giving them farther to go to get to me. That's basically how I taught them to ice skate. It worked for both Athena AND Samantha. :) SURPRISING! Before we left, both girls were able to skate on the ice. I was quite proud of them.

Here is part of the fun group we were skating with. Lisa and Kimball were there too, but had not yet arrived when I took this picture.

Here is the fun group of skating girls. It was so nice that they were all at the same level and could learn together.

Thanks to Amanda for choosing this fun activity for your birthday!

After ice skating, we all went to Teresa's for cake and ice cream. Then after that, Jeremy and I took our family to see the movie "Water Horse" at the dollar theater. President's Day turned out to be a really nice day together.


Chinchia said...

That looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I see the pictures and wish so bad that I could be there to participate in the family activities. I'm glad you all had a good time.

Megz said...

Fun winter activity! Maybe you could teach my kids how to ice skate while I drink hot chocolate on the sides. I never got up to the skating backwards level.
Thanks for the blogging tips!

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