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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Diagnosis

Well, I kept the kids home from school today because everyone is feeling horrible. We went to the Dr and he told us that everyone has the flu. So it's official. DANG IT. I actually think our family is on the tail end of it now. I hope to escape it and I keep on popping the Goldenseal/Echinacea capsules.

Also, Alexandra has this growth on her gums in front of her teeth that looks odd. I wondered if it was a kind of tumor because it appeared so quickly and grew so fast. We had the Dr check that out and he said it is probably benign, but nonetheless, watch it close. He said if it doubles in size within the next week or two, take her to the dentist and have it removed. SCARY! Cross your fingers for us.


Chinchia said...

Yikes! We will keep little Alexandra in our prayers. It's freaky to have those little things pop up in your kids. You want them to always be healthy and perfect and never have any pain. Unfortunately that wasn't the purpose of this life. We sure love her and will pray for you guys.

Lisa said...


Aprilyn said...

Oh MAN! I'm so sorry you guys have the flu. My Nathan has bronchitis. I hear the flu is really bad this year and the flu shot (which both my boys got) isn't really helping. :( Get well soon! I hope you don't get it Renee'.

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