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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Draper Utah Temple Open House

Yesterday Jeremy and I had the wonderful privilege of taking our kids through the new Draper Utah temple! Jeremy's parents and his sister, Katie, also came with us for the special trip.It is such a blessing for us to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and the knowledge of His gospel principles.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

I enjoyed walking through each of the different rooms of the temple and explaining to the kids what the room was used for and why each area of the temple is special. Athena and Samantha were fascinated by the beauty of the building and also by our discussions.

The tour is a silent tour which means there is no tour guide. We were also asked to whisper while in the temple and surprisingly the kids complied throughout the entire trip! At one point while we were walking through I noticed a couple that was keeping pace with us (our pace was very slow and they didn't have kids with them). They were right behind us, so Jeremy's mom asked them if they needed to get by us so they could join their group. The man said he didn't need to get by, they were just listening to what we were saying. This was quite surprising to me! I sometimes forget that everyone around me doesn't have the same beliefs or understanding that I have been blessed to have. I hope he was enlightened by his time with us!

Walking through the House of the Lord with my kids was a great experience. I hope my kids will live in such a way that they can return to the temple for themselves when they are older and enjoy the blessings the temple can bring to them personally.


cory and sharon said...

Hey, we went yesterday, too. Wasn't it awesome! How did you get pictures? We didn't even get a chance. Too bad we didn't run into each other. I love how organized they are with such large crowds. They just move you right through. I'm glad we got to take our family, too. What a memorable experience for them.

Aprilyn said...

We're going in February. What an awesome opportunity for our children to be able to see inside a temple while they are still young. I'm sure it will be an experience my Nathan will never forget. I can't wait to go!

Bigskibum said...

I really enjoyed going through the open house of the Draper Temple and it was so nice to take out kids through the temple so that they could see how beautiful the temples are and that they can one day go to the temple. Athena said she wants to get married in the Hawaii Temple and Samantha said that she wants to get married in the Draper Temple. I am thankful to have the temple and gospel in my life..

KatieNoel said...

It was a lot of fun going through. Lunch was great, too! I'm still trying to convince Nick that he should go up. Trying the paint job angle. Wish me luck!!

big8smiley said...

Just tell him you want him to see it because you were impressed. :)

dena4kids said...

You are so lucky! I love going to the temple. We do have one now it is a little over an hour away. My kids just love driving by and seeing the grounds.=)

Shnopa said...

The Draper temple is beautiful and I look forward to it being dedicated and ready for use. I'm here to let you know I'm caught up on your blog now and I'm on to everyone else's. Hopefully I can get totally caught up on mine. I think some things will fall by the wayside. Sorry I haven't been commenting. Your posts are great. Thank you for the memories.

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