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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Special Sisters and Sledding

My sisters and I had our annual candy trade, but we did it a little different this year. Usually we get together in December and make candy and dip chocolates together. This year we went to breakfast and brought our finished products to give away to each other.

Even though the food wasn't so great where we went, we still had a blast together and probably annoyed everyone else in the restaurant in the process! I enjoyed sitting, talking, and laughing with my sisters! Here is Michelle and Teresa. We had a good laugh over Michelle ordering her breakfast. She basically ordered a blueberry pancake with just enough batter to hold the blueberries together. The waitress was giving her the most puzzled looks as Michelle tried to explain that she really wanted a LOT of blueberries in her pancakes, not just a few specks of berries.
Shauna and Cathy

Cynthia with her BIG mug of hot cocoa and Callie.

Denise and Mama

One thing we love to do is make stupid faces and take pictures. It's a great pasttime and something that really only flies with family. The greatest joy comes in seeing who can make the ugliest face and then share it with our sisters!

Good try, Lisa, Shauna, and Cathy.

Another worthwhile effort by Mama, Denise, and I.

This proves to be too much for Cathy.

Thanks for trying Michelle and Teresa.

But the winning title goes to . . . drum roll please . . . .
Cynthia!!! She only gets the winning title because she refused to make a stupid face for the camera and thought all of her pictures needed to be beautiful. I snapped this picture of her from the side (before she had a chance to get prettied up) when she was trying to get ready to be beautiful for Lisa's camera. HA HA HA!

Lisa, what are you doing?

We finished our breakfast, messed around for awhile taking pictures and talking and laughing, and then out came the candy! I completely blame my sisters for my holiday weight gain because they brought such tasty stuff! This is my own personal pile.

This is a picture of all my sisters and all the fattening treats we brought and shared.

I love all my sisters and mom and am happy to say that I have a great relationship with each one of them. I consider all of them my best friends and any time I spend with them is good time.

After the girls breakfast I went home and Jeremy and I took the kids sledding. The day was perfect! We had fresh snow and it was very sunny and warm - well, warm by winter standards.

Athena and Samantha are getting ready to race! The part you don't see is that right after I took this picture, Samantha fell off her sled and Athena started sliding down the hill without her and all the way she was screaming, "Samantha, come on!"
Nathan and Alexandra both LOVED sledding this time. They both went down the hill several times and they didn't want to go when it was time. That's a success in my book! We went home after and I gave the kids hot chocolate. That's always the treat for a sledding trip well done!


Jess Perry said...

Fun stuff. I love all the funny face pics. That is exactly like me with all my sisters and mom! I love it!

Lisa said...

That was a fun girls' morning out, and it's so nice we could be captured looking our very best!

I like the sledding pictures. Very cute.

Naomi said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Yikes! What a sight all those ladies are.

Sledding looks like a blast. Too bad I'm so fragile now.

Megz said...

Who needs entertainment when you have cameras and sisters to play with?
You can't beat the ice hills at Peteetneet for sledding!

cory and sharon said...

How fun to see all your sisters. They were all so little when I met them. Teresa, love the face. What a fun day.
When is Teresa going to start a blog?

cory and sharon said...

Wow. I don't know if I remember all those girls, thoug. Sisters really are the greatest. You are lucky they are all so close. I have 6 and love to hang out with all of them.

The Allreds said...

I think you WON the silly face contest...but who am I to be the judge, right!?!
Treats galore...that looked like a wonderful exchange. What kind did you make?

big8smiley said...

I made peanut brittle, as usual. I make loads of peanut brittle every year. There were also homemade caramels, homemade almond joys, peanut clusters, macadamia nut clusters w/caramel, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, shaggy dogs, fudge, and chocolate dipped pretzels! :)

dena4kids said...

yummy I need your recipes! I would love to make peanut brittle. I was thinking how different you and your sisters look...that is until I saw all your funny faces!LOL! Love the pics!

Aprilyn said...

You are so lucky to be close to your sisters. My family is NOT close at all.

I need to take my kids sledding so bad!! Nathan has only been a few times and Marshall has never been. What kind of mother am I???? Seriously....

Mama Cat said...

I was laughing SO hard at your funny faces! Mark couldn't really figure out what was so hysterical...I told him you just have to know the Dickens family dynamic and how hilarious all of you are. Especially when you're together! It made me homesick for high school!

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