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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Drops the Oatmeal

A couple of weekends ago we went as a family to help Lisa move to her new house. She is renting and the house she was moving to happened to be right across the street. How convenient! It is such a big task to move. I think I'd rather help with the task than be the one actually moving. Jaime brought along his truck and most of the brothers-in-law also came to help.
The brothers-in-law used their muscles to lift all the big things. :) Thank goodness they all came because there were a LOT of big things. I lifted my fair share of things too, but smaller - like buckets, drawers, boxes of food, dishes, clothes, etc etc.

Way to go, Matt!

In the new house, all the guys formed a chain to get things off the truck quicker and into the house.

As you can imagine, with so many guys working together and providing service, they started to create their own fun. It soon turned into a game to see how quickly they could get the stuff into the new house.

Pretty soon objects were flying faster than they could be caught. I had to duck a few times to avoid the frenzy!

Next thing I knew, a container of oatmeal came flying and there was no one there to catch it! It fell in slow motion as everyone seemed to turn their heads just in time to see it flop to the floor. The container split open spilling the contents everywhere. That was the end of the game. It was fun while it lasted and we did pretty good considering that was the only casualty.

I was quite impressed with my kids because even they found ways to help. Athena and Samantha helped Hazel move a lot of big boxes out of her old room and into her new room. They also enjoyed playing outside and in the snow while we continued to work.

I couldn't help but stop a minute and take a picture of this super cute little baby girl.

We ended up being at Lisa's house for 4-5 hours helping them move. By the end of it all my arms felt like noodles! Totally wobbly. I wasn't the only exhausted one. We went for lunch at Taco Bell and Nathan fell asleep with his Cheese Roll in his hand.

Alexandra went out soon after.

It all turned out to be a good experience. We were able to get all of Lisa's big items and most of the smaller items moved to the new house. It's fun when we all work together.


dena4kids said...

I love the picture of Nathan with his cheese roll! LOL! That is so funny!

Lisa said...

I really do appreciate the help with the moving. It's such a huge job, especially with kids. It was also very nice to have enough people to make an assembly line for the food storage. That's a lot of trips to make if it's just one person. I had a lot of fun with everyone there. Thank you soooooooooo much!

The Allreds said...

funny how the parents did mostly ALL the work and the kids are the ones that are sacked out! that was sure nice of you guys, glad it was only oatmeal that busted.

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