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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Own Little Party

This year we missed Jeremy's family party. Every year his family plans a sleepover party in a little cabin up the canyon. The weather was stormy that night and Jeremy had to get up and work in the morning. We didn't want to risk getting stuck in the canyon (which wasn't plowed) or getting snowed in so he couldn't get to work in the morning, so we chose to stay home and have our own little party!

For dinner we took the kids to The Pizza Factory. Then we headed over to see the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork. We drive through the lights every year and usually they have music playing outside, so we have to roll down our windows and freeze while we watch the light show. This year was much better! They finally had their Christmas music tuned in to the radio so we just had to turn to that station. We got to enjoy all the lights in the warmth of our car. :) The kids couldn't resist rolling down the windows for part of the ride. I guess they needed a little closer look!
There weren't very many cars going through the lights because of the storm, so we ended up circling the light show 3 times. We would get to the end and Jeremy or I would yell, "WHO WANTS TO GO AGAIN!" Of course it was unanimous every time to take another round through the lights. We finally stopped only because Jeremy needed to go take a pit stop. :)

The next day I planned on continuing the party by taking the kids outside to build a snowman. When we got all bundled up and outside we found the snow was too cold to pack. It was a very nice fluffy powder that is horrible for making snowmen! Grandpa was wanting to come help us build, so I let the kids play on our new snowmounds until he arrived.

This pictures are in front of our house on the driveway. Doesn't it look like fun? With the sun out it actually didn't feel too cold.

The kids played and Alexandra ate as much snow as she could possibly fit in her mouth.

Finally Grandpa arrived and I decided that since we were all bundled up and couldn't make a snowman, we might as well throw the sleds in the car and go find a hill to play on! Here is where we ended up. That is Athena and Samantha at the bottom - those 2 little figures.

Athena and Samantha are getting ready to get pushed down the hill on the toboggan. Grandpa didn't feel like sledding down the hill, but he was really good at giving pushes down the hill.

I'm glad Grandpa came with us. It made it much more fun for me and for the kids.

By the time we were done sledding, Alexandra was getting very worn out from eating snow and tromping around in the snow. She was just sitting on this sled kind of in a daze. We thought she was asleep for a minute but every so often we would see her blink.

We played on the hill for about 45 minutes, then came home and enjoyed some hot chocolate. Even though we missed Jeremy's family party, we still ended up having a lot of fun together and I'm glad that Grandpa could come and join us for the sledding. :)

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trudihyer said...

Sometimes it is the unplanned parties that are the most fun. Hasn't it been great to have a White Christmas? You are so lucky that your dad would go sledding with you! Great memories for the kids..

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