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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greatest Fears Realized

Yesterday at school it was Career Dress-up Day. This is when the kids think of what they want to be when they get older and dress up for the day.

Tuesday night I quizzed Athena and Samantha about what they want to be. Samantha has her mind set on the fact that she will be an icee maker when she grows up. I keep telling her there is no money in that and it's better to be the icee shack OWNER. Regardless, when I asked her this time, she said she wants to be the girl who makes the icees. I asked her how she was going to dress up for that and she put her hands up in the air and said, "I guess I'll just go dressed as me again!" I told her, maybe you could be the icee OWNER and dress up in a business suit. Nope, didn't work. So then I offered that she could wear an apron, so she doesn't get the sticky all over her clothes. Alright, that worked. So Samantha's outfit was all planned.

For Athena, she said she wants to be a ballerina when she gets older. One that actually dances on her toes. I told her she could wear one of her dance suits to school and that she could BRING her ballet slippers to wear inside only. Sweet, so it was all worked out.

Wednesday morning the girls got all dressed in their designated outfits. For Athena I also put a tight bun in her hair, like what dancers often wear. Then I took them to school.

At the end of the day, when I picked up the girls from school, I asked them how their day was and if the kids liked their outfits. Samantha said her day was good. Athena said not good. Her problem? She was the only kid in the 3rd grade who was dressed up! And why was she the only kid in the 3rd grade who dressed up for Career Dress-up Day? Because it was only for the 1st grade! Poor Athena!

Do you ever worry on Halloween that somehow you missed the mark? You get up early, get all dressed in your costume for the day, and the whole time you are hoping like everything that you aren't messed up, and Halloween is really tomorrow, and you are the ONLY one who shows up in a costume for the day? That's how she must have felt!!! She said she was embarrassed. I didn't see anywhere on the note to parents that it was only the first grade! Thankfully she recovered quickly and things seem to be OK now.


Megz said...

I missed the memo on it being dress up day for anyone. Too bad Athena couldn't have been wearing the apron--that would've been a lot easier to hide!

Lisa said...

Sometimes girls just want to be fancy. That would have been a good excuse. I hope she got lots of compliments that day.

The Allreds said...

what a brave girl to stay all fancied up the whole day! it was career day at my school this week too and I dressed up like a Dr. I was one of the only ones who dressed up too...then you just pat yourself on the back for "school spirit." it was hat day today....too fun! James and the kids' schools didn't have dress up days and they were all wishing they could join in on the fun. oh the joys of being a teacher at the middle school : ) look I found something to be grateful for around here, that's a first!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

Oh, poor Athena! Someday, she'll look back on that and totally laugh...and she'll have a great story to tell her own daughter when it happens to her. :) (Plus, as an added bonus, it's blackmail material for you!)

Amy Jo Madsen said...

P.S. Half the time, Catherine says she wants to be an animal doctor, like Daddy. The other half the time, she wants to be a "checker" at the store. She'll ask me every time we go to WalMart if she can please be a checker when she grows up. *Sigh.*

dena4kids said...

Poor thing! That happened to my Emma but it was crazy day. You can imagine the outfit she had on!=)

Shnopa said...

Poor Athena. I think it's cool that she stayed at school all day and braved all the kids. I'm sure she was a BEAUTIFUL ballerina. I love you, Athena.

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