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Thursday, May 21, 2009

We've Had her 2 Years!


Ok, so this posting is a little late. Alexandra turned 2 on May 13th, so we officially no longer have a baby in the house. She is so much fun to have around. Alexandra is a very bright little girl who has lots of examples to follow. She catches on quickly and is happy most of the time.

For the kid's birthdays, it is a tradition at our house for me to make them a special cake of their choosing. I took Alexandra to Michael's to pick out a cake pan and she set her sights on the Wall-E cake. I tried and tried to get her to pick a more "little-girlie" cake, but to no avail. She wouldn't hear of it! Finally I told her she could have a Wall-E cake for her birthday and she happily hugged her pan all the way to the checkout counter. So, on her birthday I spent all afternoon working on her special cake and here it is! It actually turned out really cute and she was extra proud of her cake. :)

We invited grandmas and grandpas to come over for the gift opening and cake eating party. When it came time to open the presents Alexandra was excited. We got out her present opening chair and as soon as she was seated, she noticed everyone was watching her and she decided to pop into shy mode. She has never done that before! She covered her eyes with her arm and refused to budge even a little. It took a bit of coaxing and convincing her that she was really wanted to sit there and open presents. Here she is working on the first gift.

It really didn't take long for her to get the hang of it. She opens presents by ripping off a teensy little piece of paper and handing it to me. Then ripping another teensy bit of paper and handing it to me again. I kind of helped her speed up the process on a few gifts. She was excited about each present and it was cute to watch her unveil each new item.

Here our guests.

I gave Alexandra 3 new shirts for her birthday. She was so cute about it! I've never seen a 2-year-old get so excited about receiving clothes for their birthday! She picked up each shirt and held it up to her with big smiles. Then she carefully set out the shirts together in this pile.

Last of all, Jeremy surprised Alexandra with this little tricycle. It's a vintage tricycle that he bought from someone online. It looks perfect! It didn't take long for Alexandra and Nathan to figure out that this toy is great for giving rides.

Here is the beautiful Wall-E cake that I worked on for 3 hours all cut up. Amazing. It took me all of about 45 seconds to slice it all and make it unrecognizable.

Last of all, Alexandra thoroughly enjoyed her cake - sideways! Dumb blogger. It keeps loading my pictures sideways and no matter how much I mess with certain pictures, they still will NOT load correctly. I included this one anyway because I think she looks so cute - so just turn your head to enjoy it please. (If any of you have a fix for this, please let me know.)

I love having Alexandra in our family and cannot imagine family life without her. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing our lives with her!


Lisa said...

Looks like Alexandra had a fun birthday. The cake is super cute too. Great job! It's cute she got so excited about her presents, especially the shirts. She is a true girl!

dena4kids said...

Nice job on the cake Renee! It looks AWESOME! I am glad she had a happy birthday! Time just flies, doesn't it.sigh.

Shnopa said...

You're a nice mom, Renee'. I don't know if I would spend 3 hours on a cake. Your family has some fun traditions. Happy birthday, Alexandra. I'm also happy she is a part of our family. She's a very cute little girl and I'm glad she had a nice day.

The Allreds said...

great cake...looks like it came out of a magazine! How can Alexandra be that old!??! Time sure flies! She looks so cute eating her cake!

Wendy Mohlman said...

Oh my goodness--Way to go on such a creative cake. You did a fabulous job! She is adorable. I get to sit in nursery since my son won't let me leave, so I get to be around your cute girl on Sundays quite often. Anyway, what a neat little bday party-looks like the whole event from cake to presents was a hit!

Cynthia said...

Little kid birthdays are a lot of work on the day of but are worth it. They have so much fun. Your cake turned out very cute.

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