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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Song

So, for the record, I loved Jon Schmidt long before he became wildly popular! :)

Actually, one of my best friends and roommate at BYU introduced me to him because she was in love with his music. She heard him performing in a mall in Salt Lake City and bought his album. We were both hooked! I've been to several of his concerts and always love watching him perform. I'm sure you will enjoy this song as much as I did. He is amazing!

Also, if you are on YouTube, if you haven't listened to his song "All of Me", click on that and listen. It's my very favorite of all his songs.

Note: Remember to pause the music on the bottom of my blog before you watch this video.


dena4kids said...

OMG!!!! That was AWESOME!!! All I can say is WoWie, wow, wow, wow!=)

Lisa said...

Very pretty. He is an awesome composer.

Shnopa said...

I hadn't heard that one before. That was really good. I liked the key change too. He is such an amazing artist. Thank you for posting this.

The Allreds said...

so cool...loved the moment to sit and listen to music! we saw him perform in Orem once...loved it! i like his daughter's name for sure! : ) thanks for sharing!

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