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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm So UGLY!!!

Yesterday I spent a lot of time outside with the kids. I did some work in the yard, then I walked to the school to pick up the kids, walked back home with them, and played with them in the yard for a couple of hours. It was windy all afternoon, but felt really nice outside.

Last night I went to work out and was doing the usual - turbo kick - when my eyes started to feel a little weird. They were aching and felt really tight. I kept closing my eyes while I was working out thinking maybe my contacts were really dry. It wasn't helping. Finally I realized they might be a little swollen, so I ran to the front of the room and looked in the mirror and sure enough, my eyes were swelling up.

I only had about 15 more minutes until our routine was finished, so I continued with my workout thinking I could just press through it. Then my eyes really seemed to be bothering me, so I went to the mirrors for another look and my eyes were swollen even more than the first time. I took a quick drink of my water only to realize that not only were my eyes swollen, but my throat seemes really small. In fact, it was starting to feel like my throat was closing up too! Weird! Probably it wouldn't be the best idea to keep working out if I couldn't get any air, so I grabbed my stuff and hurried out of the room to head home.

I could feel it getting worse and worse by the minute as I drove home and finally I burst through the door and told Jeremy I needed some Benadryl quick! He came over, looked at me and said, "What the heck happened?"

By the end of the night, my eyes were almost swollen shut and very painful! My throat was all raspy inside, and I was pretty loopy from taking Benadryl. Jeremy said when he first saw me it looked like my entire face was swollen and red, and even my hands were swollen! He must've really thought he married a monster! Darn spring allergies!

This morning when I got up my eyes hadn't made any improvement. After much searching on the internet for home remedies on eye puffiness and swelling, I settled on trying cucumbers. I laid out on the couch and told the kids not to bother me while I kept these cold cucumber slices on my eyes. Ooooooh, that felt so good! The kids were absolutely fascinated with me laying there with cucumbers on my eyes and couldn't help but stay right by my side and keep a continual conversation going about how much they would love to have cucumbers on their eyes, asking me how it felt, wondering if I was going to eat the cucumbers after my treatment, etc.

Surprisingly, it did help with my puffiness - after 3 sessions of cold cucumbers on my eyes for 10 minutes at a time. Athena and Samantha were absolutely DYING to try it for themselves, so I told them that after school, when all their work was done, they could try cucumbers.

Today there was no hassle about getting homework and jobs done. The girls were very quick to gain their reward. Nathan had to jump in on the fun as well.

They all agreed with me. The cucumbers were very soothing. I've never seen all three of them lay so nicely together for such a long period of time (10 minutes). I'm going to have to search the internet for more home remedies like this to help free up my day.


Lisa said...

Sorry about your eyes. I feel so blessed I haven't developed allergies (not to rub it in or anything).

You should start your own spa. Those pictures are cute and funny all at the same time.

Mama Cat said...

Wow...maybe you should use that as a "reward" once in a while in the future! That one's win-win for sure! LOL!

Sorry about your allergies. I've never really experienced them myself, but Mark gets them (man-allergies, you know), so I can imagine how they must feel. And you don't even get to lie on the couch and ring a bell and have someone call you "poor sweet bunny" or anything. Well, OK--just this once. Poor sweet bunny!

Lori-ann said...

Oh how sad! That didn't even look like you! And it's just spring allergies? Have you ever had this happen to this extreme before?

Your kids are so cute. I wonder if my kids would do that. And I recognize that couch... ;)

Megz said...

Those kids will be demanding massages as well before you know it!
Sorry about the allergies. I'm just waiting for Leon to start complaining about his soon!

dena4kids said...

sorry about your eyes! The pollen is really bad here.You can see it when the wind blows, it looks like smoke.
My kids gave me a "spa" treatment last year for mother's day, and we did the cucumber thing. It was great until little Nate gave me my bill for $300!I told him to put it on my tab!=)

Matt and Cristina said...

I HATE allergies. I am so sorry. The cucumber pictures are so cute though. I'll have to try that!

Piglet de' Erin said...

OH my word! I cant believe that. I have never had that happen to me, and if I did I think I would FREAK! That's so sad. But, I loved the picture of the kids and the cucumbers.

Aprilyn said...

Sorry about your allergies. I wonder if part of Nate's terrible asthma cough today could be due to allergies. I'll try some Benadryl.

I love the cucumber pictures! Your kids totally crack me up! There is NO WAY Marshall would ever sit still long enough for them to stay on his eyes. He's so busy. :)

The Allreds said...

YIPES. I thought I was going to read that you had eaten shrimp and were now allergic to it, like James! Surprised that outside allergies would do that to you! Hope you can find some good medicine to keep those symptoms away. I'll have to try the cucumber treatment on the kids to see if it will calm them on a busy day : ) Looks fun! Happy Mother's Day!

Shnopa said...

I, like everyone else, am sorry you have allergies. Heck, I'm sorry I have allergies. Allergies STINK!! But I think it's funny you choose to take an ugly picture to show us exactly what you look like. You're a funny girl!

I LOVE the pictures of the kids on the couch. I'm surprised Nathan laid there for 10 minutes. Preston wouldn't. I KNOW he wouldn't. But I'm sure he'd gladly eat all the cucumbers. FUN Post!!

Wendy Mohlman said...

I can't believe you resumed your aerobic activity! I mean, isn't that a great excuse to just quit and go home? Too Your picture reminded me of Will Smith in "Hitch" when he had an allergic reaction to shellfish. He was guzzling the Benadryl in that movie, too, but looks like the cucumbers could have done the trick! Great remedy--thanks for letting me know!

The Allreds said...

the last 2 days the elem. school has called since Sara is having an allergic reaction (in her eyes) to something in the air. luckily I had seen your blog post and so I didn't overly freak out since I knew this was possible. So thanks for informing me of the "beauties" of allergies!

Cynthia said...

I busted out laughing when I scrolled down and saw the "day of the dead" in your family room. It's hilarious that they are lying there in the exact same "dead" position. It reminds me of the "dead guy" on Nacho Libre with coins on his eyes.

Oh, sorry about the allergies.

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