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Sunday, March 1, 2009

For My Own Sanity

Things at our house just seem to be crazy lately. I think everyone has spring fever and is tired of being cooped up in the small confines of our house with all the same people day in, day out, day in, day out, etc.

Nathan has been getting on everyone's nerves because he just can't keep his hands to himself. He is constantly jumping up and down on furniture, driving his little cars over people's heads, flying his airplanes into my face, and just being so loud.

Alexandra has learned that our home is a world of discovery. For instance, a few days ago I accidentally dozed off on my bed. I woke up after a few minutes and realized it was quiet. I jumped up and ran into the family room to see Alexandra sitting there holding something big up to her mouth. My eyes weren't quite focused yet, and when I got a closer look, she had managed to find a stash of giant Hershey bars we keep in the pantry. She had one of them opened all the way and was just sitting on the couch enjoying it to the max. There were 4 full bite marks across the top and she was getting ready to take another bite. I grabbed it away from her and went and put it back in the pantry (a little higher this time). I went into my bathroom to do my hair and put on some makeup. When I came back out, she was eating that darn chocolate bar again!! I took it again, washed her up, and this time put the bar into the fridge so she REALLY couldn't get it. She started crying because I took her HUGE chocolate bar. I gave in and gave her one square to eat. She walked out of the room happily. I turned around and walked out of the kitchen, only to glance over and see her sitting on the couch with a big piece of slobbery, melted chocolate in her hand. She grinned a big brown grin at me. I flipped out and dove for the messy chocolaty girl sitting on my couch. She took this as a challenge and crawled as fast as she could, giggling, across the couch leaving brown handprints from one end of the couch to the other! It also turns out that when she got the bar a second time, it wasn't the same bar, it was a new one that she fully unwrapped.

Athena and Samantha have started flipping out at the drop of the hat. Happy one minute, and if one thing goes wrong, they flip the switch and turn into time bombs!! Is it a girl thing?

OK, so I didn't mean for this to turn into a big old complain fest, but I am seriously having a hard time with all the craziness and contention! Today in testimony meeting a lady in my ward was talking about how she has to try really hard to be happy every day because for her it doesn't come naturally. I've never felt this is a challenge in my life because I consider myself to be a happy person by nature. I had to think to myself that I hope I'm not changing in that way and that I need to start to appreciate what I have instead of feeling so trapped and frustrated.

One thing I love about my blog is that I can look back at all the cute pictures of my kids and appreciate them all over again. It reminds me that my kids, as difficult as they can be sometimes, are really the loves of my life. They are little people who are trying their best to find their way in this life and need the direction of their parents to lead and guide them to the truth. I took a few pictures this past week to try to bring me back to the reality of the blessings I have.

This is Alexandra. She loves to explore the pantry and dump out the boxes. This week she finished off the Nilla wafers.

Grandma got these new jammies for Alexandra and she was really proud of them!

Grandma told us later that it is really a playsuit. We have been putting her to bed in them. OOPS!

Athena has been working hard to teach Alexandra to help. She had her help with the dishes for the first time this past week and it was really a joy to watch!

Alexandra was so proud of herself for being able to take all the dishes out and hand them to Athena.

Athena taught me that patience can go a long way. She waited for Alexandra to take out each dish one at a time and hand it to her. She didn't tell her even once to "hurry up".

I will work harder at appreciating my kids and not letting life's frustrations pick at me so much. I also am looking forward to Spring when we can go outside and let out all of our energy!


Shnopa said...

I totally understand what you're talking about. Today we had to separate our kids several times and unfortunately I ended up giving both of them a spank and sending them to their room. That is a rare occurence at our house, but I think we're going a little crazy too. I appreciate what you've done to relieve your stress. We took the kids outside just before dark to get out their energy. It worked very well. Now they're in the bath getting clean. WHEW!!

Naomi said...

Sure reminds me of times past. I had my fair share of being cooped up with fighting kids.

Good luck with your turn.

big8smiley said...

Uh huh. Your sympathies really shine through. :)

Mama Cat said...

I am having similar struggles, even just with one child. I have to entertain her from morning 'til night, lest she get into some kind of trouble when I turn my back (or unless I want to hear a lot of whining and "Play with me! Play with me!") She has been incredibly cranky and whiny and most nights I go to bed feeling like a horrible mother, and feeling guilty because I haven't been happier. I am working so hard on it, but it really is a daily struggle...and I'm sure winter hasn't helped!

Matt and Cristina said...

Your kids are so cute. When Nathan was one of the helpers in Primary yesterday, I kept chuckling to myself thinking about how he "baptized" Alexandra in the bathtub. Thanks for your you know a little bit more about why I haven't made it aerobics. To bad I didn't get in shape before I got pregnant...

dena4kids said...

Girl I am with ya! It snowed yesterday and they canceled school!(of course!)Anyway I just watched the news and they cancelled it for tomm. too!!! What am I going to do???!!!! Hopefully I can keep my kids from killing one another....hopefully.

it is just a girl thing! I still do it!=)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one. We've had our fair share of contention too. I am EXTREMELY happy that spring is almost here.

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