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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On a happier note than my last post - I'm so excited . . . I'm starting an herb garden! I've wanted to try growing a few of my own herbs for a long time, just for fun. I decided that this would be the year, so we headed on down to IFA and Walmart to get things started. At first I was picking out all the individual accessories I thought I would need, but then I came across these handy little herb kits. It's a cool little planter box that comes complete with seeds, peat pellets, instructions, and recipes! Some of the other items in the picture will be used to create some starters for our garden this year.
This little kit was really fun to use. I've never seen peat pellets before and I now wonder how I missed out on such a great thing. They are so cool! I put 5 of them in the bottom of my planter box, like this.

Then I poured water on them and they grew like magic! They filled up the entire planter box with really nice peat. I had to take this picture after dumping just one cup of water on them because I was so impressed by how quickly they grew. They reminded me of those little snake fireworks that you put on the sidewalk and light.

Both planter boxes fit perfectly in my window sill. Now I just have to wait 7-10 days for them to sprout and start growing. I hope it works and I can't wait. It's a fun little experiment. :)

The kits included Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Chives, and Parsley. I also bought seeds for Dill, Echinacea, and Rosemary. I'll try those later in little pots.


Shnopa said...

I'm excited for you. I've had very good results with Basil and Parsley. I've planted both for the past two years. I liked the varieties I used the first year so I'm going to try them again this year. I can't wait to have fresh basil ... mmmmmm. Preston munches on it every time he goes outside. I know you will enjoy it as well. It's so fun to cook things from your own garden.

dena4kids said...

I LOVE PEAT PODS! They are so fun! Good luck growing your herbs! I love fresh herbs, rosemary, and basil are some of my favorites!
One of my friends gave me a really cool sage plant, the leaves smell like pinapple.Crazy huh?!=)

Melanee said...

k Ms. WalMart/IFA sales person, how much did it set you back?

I really want to know. Because now I have to get some. I have a kit here, but have never started it because of the lack of room. I do want to have a big garden this year though... can't wait to find out!

big8smiley said...

The little kits were only $10. :) I like the fact that I can fit 2 of them in my windowsill very comfortably. The seeds were $1.59 per packet, but there were already seeds and peat included in the kits. I found the kits in the garden section. It ended up being cheaper than what I WAS going to buy. I had some different planter boxes in my cart and I put them back when I found these kits. Go get some before they are gone!

Lisa said...

That's a fun idea! I love growing herbs. It's great to have all that fresh stuff on hand all the time. I need to grow herbs again. Thanks for the reminder. I just may join you.

atli092 said...
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