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Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Reward - Extended

We have been working on reading the Book of Mormon individually. When we have collectively finished a book, we go on a family reward. We have now finished 1st and 2nd Nephi. For our first reward we took the kids swimming. For the second we went to a movie. The swimming was a huge hit! We have had a family pass to the rec center through Jeremy's work for a long time and didn't ever remember to use it until that first time swimming. So, since Jeremy had the day off work today and the girls were out of school, we went swimming again - and I ACTUALLY remembered my camera!

Here are Samantha and Nathen enjoying the noodles. Unfortunately we only have 2 swim noodles and they aren't on sale yet, so it's a big deal to have to share them back and forth. I hope they show up in the store soon.
Athena saw the camera and swam over really quick to strike a pose. Lovely!

Jeremy and Alexandra.
I had to post this little video of Alexandra because she is just so cute! She is our newest little fish. She gets in the water and doesn't stop! I'm sure you can imagine how our baths go based on this video in the pool.

One more picture of the pool!

After taking pictures I got in and swam with the kids. When we finish swimming, I get the fun job of taking all 3 little girls with me in the locker room while Jeremy takes Nathan. I think it takes us just as long to get showered and dressed again as it took us to swim. I got all the girls showered, got myself dressed, got Alexandra dressed, and then worked with the girls getting them ready to go. Alexandra decided to keep herself busy while Athena and Samantha got dressed with their hair done.

She realized that she is just the right size to fit inside a locker! She had a ball trying them all out. She just went from locker to locker to locker, getting in, closing the door, and playing peek-a-boo.


The Allreds said...

You are soooo up to date with your blog. Glad you had a fun outing, yes the getting into real clothes after the fun is a beast!
Had a short day at school with 3 parent/teacher conferences and now it's ON TO SPRING BREAK! Ahhhhhh, never enjoyed Spring Break so much!
Great to see all of you, even if it is on a computer screen!

dena4kids said...

Looks like fun! My kids love to go swimming! Congrats on finishing 1st and 2nd Nephi.=)

Wendy Mohlman said...

What a great reward for the family! Love the swim pics, and Alexandra's locker pictures are adorable!!! I think that is such a great idea to reward the family for reading the Book of Mormon. What motivation, too!

trudihyer said...

Great idea-rewarding the family for reading the Book of Mormon. You do great on your blog, how do you find time to keep it up and write so many great details..

Bigskibum said...

Yes the swimming was alot of fun and our kids love to swim and are like little fish. After we were done swimming we went to Taco Amigo with the gift certificates that we got from the Super Bowl Party from my Mom.. Thanks for the good time family :)

Shnopa said...

Baths are like THAT at your house? I think if we did that Doug would throw the kids through the ceiling!!

I think the best purchase we made last year was life jackets for the kids. It made swimming much more enjoyable for them ... and mom. We're looking forward to another season of swimming. Thanks for posting about your fun day.

Mama Cat said...

Renee'--just so you know, our Target has noodles on sale already. I think they were $3. Not a great price, I guess, but they were there! You might want to check the Target there.

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