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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Not?

OK, so many of you have been asking me - why haven't you posted as much this week as you normally do?

The answer is . . . because I've been so stressed out this week that any computer time I've had this week has been spent on facebook playing Scramble!!! It's my sanity time.

So, why am I so stressed out? KIDS! My sweet little Alexandra and her accomplice, Nathan, have been wreaking havoc to my home. That's not to mention the every morning early morning fights with Athena & Samantha over not being nice to Nathan, not being on time, not choosing clean clothes for school, sending them down to change 3 times because they come up in holey jeans or clothes that just plain don't match (sorry, I CANNOT send you to school wearing highwater, holey jeans, with white socks, silver shoes, a teal shirt, a red sweatshirt, and a purple scarf!). WHAT THE???

I guess that clearly explains the reason I have gained 3 extra pounds this week without "knowingly" changing my diet or exercise habits. Maybe I'm chomping down loads of sweets while I'm locked away playing scramble and I'm so stressed out that I'm too brain-dead to notice or count. Who says being home with the kids is easy? Working in the office wasn't half bad!

See the outfit Alexandra is wearing? She absolutely insisted on wearing this outfit. It is a onesie, with a swimsuit on top, and her pants on that.

Oh, and here is a picture of Nathan torturing Alexandra by not letting go of her hand when she wanted to. I had the "pleasure" of listening to much whining at the time of this picture.

This is Alexandra's room after she found all the necessary pieces to the outfit pictured above. She went through her drawers, pulled out almost every single article of clothing, and threw them around the room as she sorted, sifted, and selected. SHE IS ONLY ONE YEAR OLD!!!
Frustrating Story
Last Thursday morning, I gave Alexandra a bowl of dry cereal for breakfast with some milk in a sippy cup. I went out of the room to brush my hair and get dressed. While I was out of the room, she decided to shake her sippy cup upside down just enough to barely dampen all the cereal with milk. I heard a bang from the other room and ran in to see that she had thrown her bowl full of damp cereal on the floor, and each and every little piece of cereal was just damp enough to stick in the exact spot where it landed.

I was running late and had to take the girls to school, so no time to clean. I got Alex out of her chair, cleaned her up, gathered up all kids and all things required for school, got in the van and left. When we got home from taking them, I had just enough time to get Nathan ready for his trick class, Alexandra dressed and ready, and we were out the door again.

I dropped Nathan off at his class and hurried over to the school be a mom helper in Samantha's class. I tried to help with the school kids while also trying to keep track of Alexandra who thought it was funny to keep disappearing around the corner in the hallway.

After helping, I raced back over to pick up Nathan from his trick class. Then I was finally on my way home to start the cleanup efforts. I tried to sweep up the 1/2 dried damp cereal but each piece just rolled to and fro as the broom moved across it, leaving a little cereal streak on the floor with each swipe. The 2 little kids had gone downstairs to play. As I'm sweeping I hear them laughing hysterically from downstairs. That's never a good sign. I hurried and finished up the cereal job and ran downstairs to find . . .

Nathan and Alexandra in the bathtub downstairs, covered in shampoo and shower gel, skiing, slipping, and sliding across the tub! Are you kidding me?!!! I pulled them out, sent Nathan to his room, and took Alexandra upstairs to change her clothes and get her all cleaned up. I then went to finish my morning cleaning in the house. I realized Alex had been quiet for awhile, so I go in her room to check on her, only to find her sitting in her diaper in the middle of a room that underwent a clothing tornado (pictured above)!

So many of these types of scenarios have played out throughout the week, and so that is why I have not posted to my blog, but have chosen to sit and play mindless games of scramble until I'm ready to break away and deal with reality once again.

For the record, my other dose of sanity is listening to my tunes using my cool new speaker dock. I think I've already listened to it enough to to say I've got my money's worth. Thank you, Jeremy.


Mama Cat said...

In answer to your question, Renee', I don't think anyone ever said staying home with kids was easy. In fact, it's probably one of the hardest--if not THE hardest--jobs in the world. I have days like this with just one child (who also went through the fun emptying-the-entire-contents-of-her-dresser-daily phase). I love my daughter dearly, but bedtime is my sanity-saver, and I am SO looking forward to preschool (although I'm a little sad, too). I think every mom has times like this--you're not alone!

dena4kids said...

You are soooo not alone! I laughed because your day sounded alot like mine last week!(hopefully no TVs were broken at your house.=) The thing that I just can't stand is all the fighting. That drives me crazy!I hope things get better for ya!

Megz said...

Ugh, I hear you sister. I can't decide if my younger kids were born trouble makers or if I just have less time to watch them better because they too seem to get into a lot more mischief than they should.
Scrabble is a harmless coping mechanism--some people turn to drink!

Shnopa said...

I got a little headache reading this. It sounds so familiar, kinda like my day yesterday ... and oh yeah, my day the day before yesterday too ... and on and on. But my mindless game is Bejeweled. So other than that we're twins.

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