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Monday, March 16, 2009

Helping Others

Friday night we took the kids to eat at Jason's Deli. We really like this place because it is good food and affordable for our family. The kid's meals are big enough that we can split them up and order just 2 meals for our 4 kids. Their normal sandwiches are so big that Jeremy and I always split a sandwich too. Then we get free ice cream for dessert! You can't beat that!

So . . . we were there Friday night and when the food came it was all just not as good as usual. We were very disappointed. Athena and Samantha's sandwich was dry as a bone and looked painful to eat. Mine and Jeremy's sandwich was also very dry and there was hardly any meat on it. We ordered a club sandwich and it was like eating a big pile of dry toast connected by a toothpick! We both had a hard time finishing our food. Nathan had macaroni and cheese. It was all in one big ball - no kidding! It looked like it had been sitting around all day and once it was ordered, they balled out a clump, and microwaved it. He wouldn't even touch it and I don't blame him. Alexandra wouldn't eat the macaroni and cheese either. In fact, she pushed the dish across the table as far as her little arm would reach.

It's frustrating to me that the food was so bad because we really like going there. I don't understand why the workers don't make food the way THEY would prefer to eat it.

Jeremy happened to notice a manger walking through the restaurant and he called him over and politely told him that we eat there often, and tonight the food was very disappointing. He told him our complaints and said, "We just wanted to let you know that the food wasn't good this time." The manager said he would pay for our meal. We refused and told him that we weren't trying to get a free meal, just to inform him that we weren't happy with the food. He again insisted on charging back our meal. No! We seriously weren't trying to get free food because we actually did eat it, we just wanted him to KNOW. I was looking at the manager, then I noticed him glance down at the table and see our receipt sitting there. Before I could grab the receipt, he reached down, picked it up, and took off to the register. Jeremy and I just sat there dumbfounded. A few minutes later the manager came back with a charge-back receipt and offered to make us new food. We declined his offer, but thanked him for the meal. Jeremy then saw him go and talk to each one of the workers who were making the food.

I feel bad about not paying for our meal (even though it really was bad) because we did eat the food. However, I think if I ran the restaurant I would want to know if there was room for improvement. I guess the good part about this story is that because of us, I'm sure everyone else who ate at Jason's Deli that night had excellent food. So . . . YOUR WELCOME.


Lisa said...

Some restaurants actually pay people (secretly) to assess their food and service. You were probably a great asset to them that night. You deserve a big pat on the back (and a free, crummy meal).

dena4kids said...

That was really nice of the manager. Nathan complained one time at a resturant about his nasty steak(it was still bleeding yuck!)and all he got was a "so what do you want me to do about it? I guess I can throw it in the microwave."

Shnopa said...

I'm glad to hear that about Jason's Deli. I like their food too. And I'm glad you weren't trying to get a free meal. It makes the story better. Hopefully the next time I go there they will have learned from their experience with you. Thank you!!

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