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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nathan's Trick Class

I recently put Nathan in a gymnastics class to help him get rid of some of his excess energy. Turns out he LOVES it! I first got him to go to the class by telling him that he could do tricks there. It has now become his "trick class", not gymnastics. Every Thursday morning I take him to his trick class. He asks about it every other day of the week. I'm happy to see him enjoying it so much!

Here he is doing his warm-ups.
Now a little bit of work on the bar.

Now he is receiving instructions.

This is a really cool trick!

Today when I went to pick him up he was hanging upside down from the bar holding on with his feet and hands. It was so cute! He is learning all kinds of things and he looks so grown up when I see him using his little body in strength and coordination exercises. I think for Nathan, this is exactly what he needs!

I took this video of him with my digital camera so there's no sound. Just be patient and keep watching, the action is the last 4 seconds. He thought I was taking a still photo so he kept just smiling at me instead of doing his trick.

When we were watching this little video on the computer I was rewinding the part where he does the trick and we were watching it forward, and backward, and forward, and backward. Nathan got a real kick out of that!


Lori-ann said...

Isn't it amazing how much these little boys need to move and be physical? I'm still having a hard time getting used to that.

It's great that he enjoys it so much!

Mama Cat said...

That's pretty cool that they start them on the bar that quickly! I have Catherine in a dance class right now, which she likes, but I'm also thinking about a gymnastics class for the summer. I think they just do tumbling in the beginner (3-4 year-old) classes, though. That's probably OK for Catherine...she's enough of a dare-devil as it is! That's neat, though--I don't often think of kids that young doing "tricks" like that.

Lisa said...

I'm really glad for Nathan. The class looks like a lot of fun. He is such a funny kid. Gymnastics is a great solution for all that energy he has packed into his little body.

The Allreds said...

sooo fun!

dena4kids said...

Love the trick! Looks like a fun class!=)

Shnopa said...

I agree it's difficult to get used to how much energy little boys have. Preston has to have some kind of outlet every day or he picks and pokes at Paige and even at Doug and I. I like the 'trick' class. Good idea!

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