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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Athena and Samantha's Dance Recital

Athena and Samantha had their end of the year dance recital on Alexandra's birthday. It was a lot of fun for me to go and watch them dance. They both remembered their dances really well and I'm glad they have the opportunity to do something they enjoy. :) Jeremy took some pictures of them before and after the recital. For the moving parts, you will have to come to our home and request to watch the home video.

For some sad reason, Samantha's picture turned out really blurry. Here she is on the stage before the concert in her costume. This is her favorite dance pose. Her dances were to the music Material Girl (jazz dance) and Ring the Bell (tap). For the Material Girl dance they wore a big fancy ring and for the bell dance it was a cute number where they tapped. Each little girl had a bell sitting in front of them (like what is on a desk that you ring for service) and they tapped and dinged the bells with their feet.

Same for Athena. She is doing her favorite dance pose. Her dances were to Jeremiah was a Bullfrog (tap) and a beach dance (jazz dance). I can't remember what the music was for the beach dance, but they had surfboards and beach balls for props. Athena gets SOOOO nervous, but she managed to keep it together and she performed well.

After the concert Jeremy and I gave the girls each some flowers that they were QUITE proud of. I am proud of Athena and Samantha for doing so well in their performance.
One funny thing I should share about the recital is - I told the girls before that they needed to smile big while on stage. I told them that people like to look at the girls who look like they are having fun up there and are smiling, not the ones that look freaked out. For every dance they did, both Athena and Samantha had their smiles completely plastered to their faces. It was almost like their face never budged from the smile. I guess I know they were listening!


Jess Perry said...

So cute...I love their dance outfits. Where do they take dance at?

big8smiley said...

We go to Spanish Fork for their dance. It's at a studio called Esprit de Corps. I'm really happy with their dance teacher and they really enjoy dancing. We will take a break for the summer and start again in the fall.

Chinchia said...

Very cute. It reminds me of when Callie was in dance at that age.

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