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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dress-up Day!!!

Jeremy has a lot of faith in the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately his faith did not serve him well in this instance. He was sure that they would beat the Lakers in the 2nd round of NBA finals. So sure, in fact, that he made a bet with his boss at work. If the Jazz won, his boss had to wear a dress to work! Funny, right?? Well, the Jazz lost. Guess who wore the dress.

Based on this last picture, you can't convince me that he didn't like it! LOL

The night before the designated dress day Jeremy was going through my closet trying things on. It was creeping me out so bad, I had to leave the room. I finally helped him in the end and we came up with the pictured ensemble. The kicker for me is that when Jeremy was going through my closet, he commented, "You don't have any dresses! What am I going to wear?" I said, "Yes, and that's why I complain every Sunday morning."


Mama Cat said...

I can't believe A)Jeremy actually FIT into one of your dresses and B)Mark didn't TELL me about this! That's hilarious! It does look like he enjoyed it just a little. Better keep an eye on your closet! ;)

Aprilyn said...

I showed this to Brian and Nate. We all got a great laugh out of it. Jeremy is quite a looker. Those him to keep those covered! :)

Chinchia said...

I hope he'll wear that lovely ensemble to our ward when you guys come out.

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