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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Samantha Rides Her Bike

We are so happy that Samantha has FINALLY learned how to ride her 2-wheeled bike. :) She actually started riding it about 2 weeks ago when it was super windy, but I was too busy to come in here and update my blog.

I had been trying to teach her to ride and she kept on giving up and not getting on the bike. I was getting really frustrated. Then one day when I was teaching her it was VERY windy. I sent her out to practice and because of the wind, she had that extra push of speed to help her keep her balance. She was so excited that the wind helped her learn how to ride her bike! Ever since then she has begged every afternoon to p-l-e-a-s-e let her go out and ride her bike. We have had several cold and stormy days in-between, but she doesn't care.

I'm so glad that she and Athena are enjoying riding their bikes. It feels like it's been years in coming. Now they enjoy riding so much that they will spend a couple hours outside at a time on their bikes getting exercise. They love to go around the block and through our lawn. Athena has also made the AMAZING discovery that she can stand on the pedals to get a harder push to go faster. Funny.

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