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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Samantha's Kindergarten Graduation

Samantha graduated from kindergarten last Thursday, on May 22nd. I was the only one from our family to be there, but I was really happy to share this time with her. I was able to find a seat on the front row and it turned out I was right in front of Samantha! It turned out perfect. :) All the morning kindergarteners did a program and then had their names read as the graduates. I thought it all turned out well and Samantha did an excellent job remembering all her songs.

Samantha is really sad to be out of school because she loves it so much. I'm glad she has the opportunity to go to school.
At the end of the song the kids were singing it said go to sleep. I thought it was cute how they all struck this sleeping pose and then all through the introduction to the next song the kids sat here pretending to be asleep. They held this pose for about 2 minutes without even moving. Funny.

Throughout the program the teachers would get up and share funny things that happened during this kindergarten year. This note was given to Samantha's teacher Miss Miller. I thought it was funny and want to share it. She said that when the teachers were having the kids practice their graduation program, one day the teachers got choked up and cried a little because they were sad to have their little kindergarteners moving on and out of their classes. Later, a little girl came up and handed Miss Miller this note:

If you have a hard time reading it, it says this:

Miss Miller,
Dot kriy ubaoot me leeveeg cinagartin. Al sil see you in the hol waas and I dot wont to leev to but we al haf to maak our uon waaz but I sil love you.
From Sadie
To Miss Miller

This picture is after Samantha had her name read and got her certificate. I think the kids look so cute in their little graduation hats!

After the program was finished we went to Samantha's classroom for a little presentation from the teacher and for the kids to collect all the rest of their stuff. Samantha is really proud of this picture that she painted in art class.

This is Samantha with her teacher, Miss Miller.

And finally, the graduation certificate! :)

We have a CD set by Steve James of good kids songs that help teach them important principles. They are really fun songs and the school system has incorporated these songs into a lot of their programs. Samantha is here on my soundless video singing The Stranger Song. If you want to listen to how it sounds (it's on of our favorites) click here and then go to Sample Songs and listen to The Stranger Song. We also really like The Friendship Song, I Like Being Me, and Buckle Up - among others. :)


Chinchia said...

Samantha seems big and grown up sometimes but then you see her standing with all the little kids and realize she is still just so little. What a fun day for her and a cute day for mom. It's funny to go to those things because you really don't even notice ANY of the other kids there. Your eyes are fixed on your own child the whole time.

Jess Perry said...

Crazy...what a big girl!

bobatharoo said...

You can tell she was very excited about all the happenings of the day. I think it's cute that she loves school so much.

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