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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Survived Another One

I'm talking about the annual superbowl party - my least favorite get together of the year. We hosted the party again this year. I didn't know, but to start out the party Athena had her own little plan. She had taped a note to the door and she stayed in the living room until all the guests had arrived. I didn't even know she was in there! LOL
The note says:

"Read first!!!
When you get in give Athena your shoes. And sheel put them wear all the shoes go. Give her your coats and she will put them on the couch. Go downstairs for the superbowl party.


All of our kids were very excited for the party. Especially because their cousins were coming over. As you would expect, we had a ton of food that is extra fattening. I guess what this kind of party is all about, right? My consolation is that we don't have another party like this coming up for a LONG time and at least I don't eat like this every day. :)

Athena and Amber are filling their plates.

Here are Athena, Chelsea, and Kylie.

Typical . . . everyone sitting in front of the TV for the game. My consolation for the duration of this party was my Nintendo DS. What would I do without it? That and a cup of Dr. Pepper.

Jeremy's new crockpot was the talk of the town. Everyone loved it! He got it from our Christmas party gag gifts. He is so proud of it! We put little smokies in it and it worked great to keep them warm throughout the whole game. The pot has found it's true place in life - our superbowl parties!

Then, of course, everyone had to have the special 3D glasses for the little halftime show. Thanks Grandma for scoring these. :)

Even though football is pretty much my least favorite sport, and I like it even less when it's on TV, I think the party was a success. It seemed like everyone had fun. Grandma always goes out of her way to make the party more fun. She had everyone fill out questionnaires about the superbowl, and then guess the winning team and the score. Each family received prizes at the end of the party based on guessing stats and the correct team and score. She gave us gift certificates to Taco Amigo and movie passes! Very nice.

For me, I'm glad it's all over. It'll come up again next year, I know. I'll just make sure to have my own entertainment handy and enjoy a little of the food!


Shnopa said...

I'm glad you had fun. I would be doing the same thing as you, anything other than watching the game. But it's always fun getting together with family and friends and eating.

Aprilyn said...

I'm glad my husband isn't THAT into sports. I would not enjoy a superbowl party at all!! I'm glad your have your DS to help you out.

Megz said...

Dang. Is Jeremy going to need a b-ball crockpot for all your March Madness parties? It will make a great conversation piece for all the ward functions you can bring it to!
It seems like you have hosted more parties in the last month than we have hosted in our lifetime. Way to be hospitable!

The Allreds said...

we had a fun, little party last year...a reason to make spinach dip : ) this year James was out of town so we didn't even see a glimpse of the game!

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