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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sporting Event a Success!

Saturday afternoon we went to a BYU Basketball game with all the kids plus Amber (a cousin). To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be a fun experience for all.

In the past it's been a huge frustration to go to the games because it ends up being me watching uninterested kids who fight for my lap and want to climb up and down the stairs until I'm so super duper frustrated and I just take them for walks in the hall until the game is over while Jeremy sits in his spot and screams at the refs, completely oblivious to my plight. (That was a HUGE run-on sentence, but I think it fit the situation.)

HOWEVER, this time was different. Athena, Samantha, and Amber actually watched the game and cheered. Alexandra played happily within the confines of her space, and Nathan watched part of the game too. Jeremy took turns holding the little kids and helping them to have a good time. I only ended up in the hall 3 times and that was for bathroom trips!

Here are Samantha and Alexandra being happy to be there.
I had to take a separate one with Nathan because it was next to impossible to get a good, smiling shot of all 3 of them above. I think the people behind us were getting tired of the flashes while we tried to get a perfect shot of 3 smiling kids.

Samantha, Amber, and Athena

Athena took this of Jeremy and I. I did break down and wear my BYU sweatshirt and Jeremy was quite pleased.

I actually had fun at this game being with the kids and if I could guarantee it would happen like this again, I wouldn't mind trying this scene with the kids another time. It's nice that Athena and Samantha are getting older and able to behave themselves better. I have fun watching them adapting to the situations they are in and learning how to enjoy themselves. It sure makes it easier on the rest of us!


The Allreds said...

go BYU! every time sports is on tv Garrett immediately says "it's BYU!" poor sheltered child. hope to take them to a sporting event one of these days : )

Aprilyn said...

Your hair looks great. Did you use your curlers? I'm glad the day was successful.

big8smiley said...

Yes! I'm having so much fun with my curlers. :)

big8smiley said...
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Megz said...

I still can't quite imagine the day when we take all the kids to a sporting event for the very reasons you stated. Right now Ike and Mitch are among the privileged few who get to go. (except when it's the family promotion and only a dollar a ticket for the upper that what you did? I might break all my rules for that cheap of a ticket!)

big8smiley said...

Definitely Megan!!! It was $1 night. I wouldn't risk that kind of torture for a higher price. :)

Shnopa said...

That sound like fun. I still prefer not going at all though. I'm glad that's not a requirement in my marriage. Your sweatshirt looks great!

Lisa said...

I am glad your trip didn't turn into a fiasco. Even though I'm married to a man who doesn't care that much about sports, and I don't have to go to games, I tend to look at going to church in somewhat the same regard. Each Sunday has its share of fiascos, but when all is said and done, I'm glad I go. :)

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