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Monday, February 23, 2009

What's New?

Look closely at this pretty little girl . . . can you see what's new?
Not the teeth, she had those before. Not the clothes either. Oh, and she has always had hair.

The clip in her hair is actually quite old too. Do you see it?? She has earrings!!

Saturday night we went to the mall and got Alexandra's ears pierced. :) I think she looks so cute! She has been so interested in Athena's, Samantha's, and my earrings lately. When we would ask her where her earrings were she would feel her ears, then hold up her hands and say, "Donnow!" (Don't know)

I guess it's true that moms tend to spoil their last kids. I'm guilty of that now. I made Athena and Samantha wait until they were older to get their ears pierced so they were making the choice. I guess you could raise the question about Alexandra, what if she gets older and then doesn't want to wear earrings? Well, then, I guess she could just not wear earrings!

When we went to get her ears pierced, of course Athena and Samantha were SO excited. I held Alexandra in my lap and she sat so very still for the lady who was piercing. We had 2 women piercing - one on each ear so they could do it at the same time. After they pierced her ears, Alexandra whimpered for just a minute, and then was fine. I took her to the mirror and she touched her earrings, then gave me a great big smile. She still seems to be happy with her earrings. She doesn't like it when I clean them, but then she runs off and plays when I'm done.

The pictures below have nothing to do with earrings, or anything new for that matter. Nathan saw that I was taking pictures of Alexandra and he wanted his turn in the spotlight. He started striking poses for me. :)

What a cute boy! We had just returned from Walmart when I took these pictures. Nathan was at the drinking fountains there (as usual) and got his shirt all wet. He has a few more inches to grow before he can get a nice clean drink from the fountain all by himself.


KatieNoel said...

So you did get her ears peirced? She looks so cute! Looks like she likes them! Connor does the same thing as Nate these days. Anytime we take a pic of Blake, he wants us to take one of him!

dena4kids said...

My girls got theirs done but they took them out.=( I hope she loves them! She looks adorable!

Shnopa said...

I think the cutest thing is her reaction after having her ears pierced. Obviously she was ready even at her young age. It helps a kid to be ready sooner when her older siblings also have it done. What a brave little girl. She looks very cute.

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