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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Luck!!

Do you remember this picture? You will NOT BELIEVE what Jeremy got with this photo! Leave it to him - he sent it in to the radio station to enter a contest for concert tickets and he WON!!!

The radio station asked for 80s and 90s pictures to be sent in and they would pick 3 lucky winners to go to the MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice concert. I'm sure you all know I've wanted to attend a concert like this my whole life. Well now's my chance!!! LOL, I don't think I even know what either of them sing.

This is the (revised) email Jeremy received today:

Congratulations! You have won 4 tickets to the MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice concert!
You can pick up your tickets at our studios. If you need detailed directions, call ###-####.
Congrats and rock it at the show! :)

That is so funny! We had plans to visit some friends of ours, so instead of going to their house, we are both getting babysitters and going to the show. Believe me, you'll get an update as to how it all goes!!


Piglet de' Erin said...

um, can I just say that I am so excited...not just about jeremy's outfit, but about the concert! See it is a great thing that we dinner ditched you guys.

dena4kids said...

Ice ice Baby...LOL!That is AWESOME! Dude I am on my way!=)

Cruise to the Max said...

2 Legit! 2 Legit 2 Quit! Don't forget to give Axel Rose his bandana back. Hammer Time!

Shnopa said...

Is Jeremy going to wear that outfit to the concert? My only recommendation is to wear ear plugs. That makes the sound about right for being able to hear each other at the concert and for the next week afterwards.

Mama Cat said...

You're a nicer wife than I am! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be attending that concert, free though the tickets may have been!

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