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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News You are Itching to Know

A few little updates about our little family:

1. Jeremy shaved his beard!!! He actually shaved it more than a week ago because he said it was getting too itchy. Funny that it had it's own downfall.

2. We are night potty training Nathan and it has been quite the headache!! He has been waking us up once or twice every night for the past month with an accident. We then have to get up, clean him up, change his sheets, tuck him in, and try to fall back to sleep ourselves. The good news is that he has been dry the past 2 nights! I don't expect that it has suddenly changed, but I've appreciated not having to clean him up for 2 nights straight. Even though he is dry, he still wakes us up several times a night as he gets up to go potty (last night he got up 4 times to go potty! He must be trying to cover his bases.) He comes in to announce that he is dry and to ask if he can sleep with us. We then have to take him back down to his bed. He gets 4 gummy bears in the morning if he is dry, and Athena and Samantha each get a gummy bear from him if he is dry too. This morning he proudly handed out the gummy bears to his sisters to let them know he was dry. :)

3. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING! I know I have to wait because I really don't have a choice, but I'm going out of my mind!! Oh how I long to wake up and look in my closet to decide which pair of shorts I should sport for the day.

4. Jeremy, Athena, Samantha, and I all finished reading 1 Nephi individually. The girls are so excited about it and now we qualify for our family reward. We are going to take the kids swimming. I'm so happy that we are sticking to our reading. Now we will move on to 2 Nephi. Wish us luck! The kids have loved being able to see each other's progress and have been really good about keeping the family in check with our reading.

5. I still hate spiders.

6. I have to give a talk in church in 2 weeks. YUCK! My topic is Saviors on Mount Zion. I'm baffled about how I'll make that last for 15 minutes. My hope is that once I start studying it I'll have so much information that I can't possibly cover it all and the 15 minutes will fly by in an inspired breeze.


Aprilyn said...

YAY Nathan!! I hope it keeps up.

I can't wait for spring also.

I hate spiders too.

Awesome on the Book of Mormon reading. I should have given you the computer CD I had of the Book of Mormon. Nathan could have had the computer read it to him. Marshall has no patience for that kind of thing. My Nathan used to love it. It's like those filmstrips we used to watch in Primary when we were kids. You can get it at the Distribution Center.

Sorry you have to give a talk. I'm sure you won't have trouble talking for 15 minutes once you get an idea of what you want to say. You'll be fine.

I need to know how long the temple open house lasted. We've got feeding therapy scheduled for right after and I'm not totally sure we'll be done.

Shnopa said...

Nice update. I think you'll do fine on the talk as well. You'll be guided. How can someone who is reading the scriptures daily not be? Now that's my question.

Might I add that I was correct about the beard thing?!! I knew JerJer would get tired of it. He just has to make his point ... FUNNY!

Megz said...

That talk topic sounds like something I would need at least two weeks to think about.
Good job on potty training. So not looking forward to battling that with Noelle. She is very anti right now.

dena4kids said...

I hate all bugs. I used to like ladybugs until they invaded my house.

Yeah Nathan!!(Ihated potty training! course I didn't like changing diapers either.LOL)

I am sure you will give a great talk. I wish I could be there to hear it.=)

Matt and Cristina said...

Be grateful you got more than a week to write your talk! ;) I'm sure you'll do great.

Mama Cat said...

We're night potty-training, too. Yuck. We tried putting Catherine in underwear at night several months ago--as long as she had a diaper on, she was dry, but as soon as she had underwear, that was a signal to her brain to wet in the night. Aargh! So we just waited and tried it again a few weeks ago. It's going much better, but she still has accidents and I hate getting up in the night for that, too. Unfortunately, she doesn't wake up to pee--and sometimes doesn't even wake up if she wets the bed! Sigh. This too, shall pass.

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