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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Few Last Random Photos For Fun

These are the last things I will post from Mexico. I had a few random photos that I really liked that I hadn't put up yet. Actually, there are tons more, but I'll limit it to this.

My favorite thing about where we went was all the natural beauty. The vegetation, the beach, the water. WOW! It's all huge too!

This hermit crab washed out of the ocean one day so we watched it for awhile and then Jeremy and Jared decided to play with it. I thought they almost killed it. It kept retreating back into its shell when it felt threatened too. I wish I had a shell.

Here we are with a monkey. There was a guy going around the resort with this monkey and it would run up your arm and on your head. It was really cute! They were taking pictures and selling them in the gift shop for $8. I didn't know Jeremy was there, but he hurried and snapped a picture. Thanks Jeremy for saving me $8. Alexandra liked the monkey a lot.

Here we are in the Steakhouse. WOW that food was so good! I think I gained 5 of my pounds here.

Jeremy saw this iguana in the tree when we were walking through the covered walkway at the resort. I think it was our biggest iguana to spot. He ran around the tree to get a better picture and it ran down really fast into the inside of the tree.

Jeremy's beach scene. A classic.

This was a great day of relaxation. I need a hammock. It put Alexandra to sleep. The only bummer was that I drank too many coladas and had to go to the bathroom so much that I had to wake her up so I could run to the bathroom. Guess I should have thought of that before.

Here is where we ate lunch every day. Interesting that there are no windows, just open spaces to these buildings.

Jared, Amanda, and I are relaxing on the beach while Jeremy takes photos. I like my job better - relaxing. Wish I were still there. :)

This is my dessert one of the nights. Looks appetizing, doesn't it? These are little fruits called lychees. They actually aren't too bad.

This was my favorite dessert of all we had. Ice cream in a cream puff. YUM!!! I wanted 3 or 4 of these, but I was so full I could barely walk through the door to leave, so I stopped at 1.

Jeremy took this picture from the airplane as we were leaving the Cancun airport. It made us sad to leave such a beautiful place. I hope we can visit there again someday!

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