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Monday, October 15, 2007

Nathan makes me laugh!

This is what Nathan does at least 200 times per day - no exaggeration! He is so funny! He has his landings down to a science. I don't get what is so fun about it, but he will do this over and over and over.

This is another functionality of Nathan's that was recently discovered, the faces! It's so cute!! He will do happy face, mad face, happy face, pirate face, excited face, etc etc. They all look the same, either mean or happy. He is so fun. :) I have to share!

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Aprilyn said...

What a funny little boy. It's just a crazy boy thing I think. My boys LOVE to fall down on the ground. My Nathan (almost 9 now) falls on the floor on purpose ALL the time just to make people laugh. He's pretty silly. Must be a boy thing..

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