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Friday, October 26, 2007

Potty Time!!


The time has come. It is finally time to potty train Nathan. This is seriously my least favorite part about raising little kids. My very least! He has actually been ready to potty train for quite some time, but I had to hold him off until after our Mexico trip. He is actually doing pretty good for a first-timer.

Yesterday I had him watch the Elmo potty time clip on and he sat and watched it for about 45 minutes. It's cute, every time Elmo has to go to the bathroom, Nathan has to push a key on the keyboard to send him to the potty. Nate sits and watches and waits until his important time to push the key. After watching that, Nathan has done pretty good about remembering to stop what he is doing and go.

The only downside to potty training Nathan, really, is that we are gone a lot. He absolutely refuses to go potty anywhere but on his little portable potty. I'm thinking of just making that a permanent fixture to the van. Yesterday we were in Macey's doing some grocery shopping when he had to go. I had Jeremy take him and they came back 5 minutes later. Jeremy said Nate refused to use that potty. I didn't want him to have an accident so I decided to give it a whirl. I took him into the bathroom at Macey's and spent about 10 minutes in the stall with him talking to him, calming him down during his hysterics, sitting him on the potty, talking to him some more, etc etc. I FINALLY got him to sit on the potty for a second. No sooner was he on the potty than it did its automatic flush! Nathan came UNGLUED!!! He couldn't get off that thing fast enough. I figured we were done at that point and nothing more was going to come of being in the bathroom, so we left.

Surprisingly, he was able to hold it all the way until we got home - about another half hour. That experience makes me dread leaving the house to do anything this weekend. If you see us walking from store to store toting a potty, you will now know why.


Mama Cat said...

I've heard of several moms toting their kids' potties around...not looking forward to that. (Julie's) Grace still freaks out about automatic flush toilets. It's inhuman how long she can "hold it" if that's all that's available.

Catherine did pretty well w/potty training for a few weeks (when she was around 19/20 months), and then just quit being interested. Sigh. Now she's 26 months and starting to at least show interest. We got her a "big girl potty" book at the library this week and that seems to have helped. We'll see how it goes. The book makes it sound so easy...

Hope things go well w/Nathan. Maybe you could get a big shoulder bag to disguise his potty. ;)

big8smiley said...

LOL! You just came up with my new invention that will make me millions!!! :)

A piece of go-anywhere designer luggage that perfectly fits a training potty! I could introduce my new line in fall colors and then move into a spring collection later!!

Aprilyn said...

We are attempting to potty train as well. My Nathan potty trained SO easy that I was spoiled. He was trained before 2 yrs old. Marshall is a different story. He is 3 now and has NO bladder control. I put him in underwear while I was home with him the other morning. He peed on the floor 2 times in 15 minutes. Then I talked to him about how he needs to tell me when he has to go potty and we'll run to the bathroom. I left his little toilet seat on the potty, left the door open...everything. SO, we got to run to the potty every 2 minutes or so. He went every time too!! UGH. He wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I finally put him in a pullup so he wouldn't pee on my bed. I don't think he's quite ready..

ebow said...

Totally laughing! My boys loved (still do) peeing outside while hiding behind bushes. Whatever works!

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