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Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Night at Cornbellys

Being the typical Jeremy and Renee' that we are - of all places to forget it, we forgot our camera!!! I'm so bummed, those were the fall pictures I wanted to post.

Last night we took the kids to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point. There are so many fall activities to do there, we weren't bored for a minute. We went through the corn maze, watched the pig races, slid down tons of slides, went on a cow train ride, etc etc etc. The kids really like the corn maze and didn't complain about the walking at all.

Jeremy loved the go carts. I waited by the sidelines with the kids while he went around and around and around. They are pedal cars that you ride around a dirt track. Athena and Samantha loved the jumping pillow and the spider web the best. Nathan tried the jumping pillow, but he wouldn't stay on it because there were other kids and he refused to jump when other kids were on it. When he was by himself he loved it. I think the double-bouncing is what got him.

Sorry there are no pictures! Wish I could share more - maybe next time.

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